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Has it really been this long since we posted...We finished up on an exciting project and went for a much needed surf tonight. #madebymackie
Over the past few months we have been working on the Kudhva brand. We have been working to create their branding, photography, to build their Instagram and social media presence. We've also been working on email newsletters, print collateral, a book to showcase lots of Kudhva related information and articles and the part that we are probably the most proud of is the new Kudhva website, which is now live! Check out the link to the site in our Instagram story above☝︎Happy Friday everyone! #madebymackie
There's something brewing in the Atlantic, it's heading here at some point, but for now it's the big calm. #madebymackie
Best thing about riding a bike to work - time to stop, look and take a shot! This is the same spot unintentionally as our last Instagram just a few days ago! #madebymackie
July leaves us as it started, big seas and plenty of rain...we were on a recce yesterday evening and saw these guys fishing off the island where the weather didn't matter at all! #madebymackie
Back in May this year we were told, we had been nominated in the Business Enterprise Awards 2017! for 'Best Creative Branding Agency'⠀ ⠀ To our complete surprise, we are now an award winning agency! ⠀ Read all about the journey in our story above☝︎
Oh! July you've certainly messed with our days a plenty! Tough to plan shoots when it's so erratic like today! But that's the UK and for some reason we brits love it! #madebymackie
One of our long term projects has been the re-brand of the WTW Cinema group here in Cornwall. We listened to what their customers wanted and began to build a new workflow to make going to the movies a better experience. Things like wanting to know what is showing on any given day is now an option, full screen headers allowing direct booking is new and the ability to book without leaving the site is now in place. The front end is what consumers will see, but in this build, the back end is very special, we managed to implement a work flow for the guys at WTW that makes their life much easier and fluid! #madebymackie
Everyone has a favourite spot in Cornwall right? This is one of ours for sure! What's yours? #madebymackie
Last night was a night for the dreamers... #madebymackie
Since January 2017 we have been shooting content, mixing words and running the social media for a brilliant new brand called Kudhva. Those who speak the Cornish language will recognise this as meaning 'Hideout' An apt name then for these Architectural hideouts on the Cornish coastline. We are launching the project in July, but for now, have a peep at their Instagram @kudhva#madebymackie
Last night was a late one in the studio, multiple deadlines this week hence the rather slow updates on our favourite platform ☹️the ride home was worth the long hours though! #madebymackie
Pinched from a @karl_mackie weekend story, studio wolf Willow looking very relaxed in the mid afternoon sunshine. #madebymackie
Crantock beach lit up yesterday with plenty of waves, sunshine and people around enjoying the weekend!⠀ #madebymackie
So much going inside the studio this week, while this has been going on outside, beautiful weather in Cornwall keeping us all charged. June and July is a big time for us as some of our branding projects are due to launch. Keep an eye on our stories 👀⠀ #madebymackie
Another beautiful day here in Cornwall. Definitely our favourite time of the year in the studio, doors and windows open, barefoot and inspired 🤙🏻 #madebymackie
Terrible day to be at work 😐 #madebymackie
We don't often see the far south end of Watergate Bay photographed, the place is a jurassic plain of cliffs and light, you could be anywhere in the world. #madebymackie
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