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are they shining just for you? ♡

19/02/17 ♡ ― Hi babes. It's been a while since I've posted but I love editing and I promised Kayla that this theme wouldn't flop. ― QOTD: Have you had your inner health plus today? ― AOTD: Yes of course. ― Tagged faves and some randoms. ♡
30/01/17 ♡ ― Happy Birthday to this angel, this sunshine, this beautiful human in which we do not deserve. This man who is too precious for this earth, too soft and too delicate. Too special and unpredictable. Happy birthday to the guy who saved too many people's lives, who keeps them motivated, is the reason some people are still on this earth. Happy birthday to Dan's main source of happiness, the one who makes him smile that perfect smile the most. Happy birthday to you, Phil. You deserve the world and I love you all too much for this edit to even show. ♡
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