― Lily ♡

I love Trix

Hello everyone I love drag I love my favs and I love my friends on here okay that is all. I love you all. Enjoy this pic of an iconic top three. ♡ ― "you said oh no it's fine I read between the lines." ✩
Hi guys I'm back. ❀ News flash: my account is still a flop lmao but I'm gonna post anyway. This picture is classic Katya and Trixie. Katya being a whore with a fan and Trixie looking like a pink thing and a cute smile. An iconic duo, I love stanning legends. ♡ ― "you say you can't live without me." ✩
Painted By Fame ❀ ― Fame painted Laska so good omg I would love to see her in more classy blonde wigs like the one Fame gave her to wear. They're such angels I'm in love. ♡ ― "would it hurt to say that I'm yours?" ✩
I really love this picture with the filter it's so colourful. Also what a bunch of posers I stan lmao. ♡ ― "running, running just to keep my hands up on you." ✩
Katlaska ❀ ― Hi babes, the world sucks right now but everyone is so positive despite what's been happening lately and I'm so thankful for all my friends, favs and family. ♡ ― "I wanna say we're going steady, like it's 1954." ✩
Hi angels, I'm back. I took a few days off this account to take a break from a few things going on. ♡ ― "kiss me on the neck, whisper sweet nothings." ✩
Hi my loves, thought I'd post again. I love this theme so much and I hope Shea and Sasha make it to the top three tbh. ♡ ― "tell me something, I don't already know." ✩
Hi sweets, new theme of all my fav queens together. I hope you like the saturated pink filter, it took a while to get it how I liked it. I love all my angels in this theme. ♡ ― "I lied when I said I didn't love you." ✩
new theme 3/3
new theme 2/3
new theme 1/3
stuck in the absence of love. ♡
sweet like candy. ♡
our love is bittersweet darling, it's hard to love you when people are in the way. ♡
you bring out the best in me. ♡
So I take a sip, wait till it hits. That liquid guilt is on my lips, i'm wasted on you...♡
Happy birthday to everyone's favourite Russian hooker, red-lipped bisexual cross-dressing, dick sucking whore. Who once was in the line at dunkin' donuts, saw a hot guy in front of them, had a pulsing hard dick, left the line and went home to jerk off, only to return to dunkin' donuts to get that cream filled sweet goodness. happy birthday to the one who is so unbelievably in love with Trixie Mattel, and tried to fuck her while you cuddled. happy birthday to the one with that bright white smile, who is so intelligent and has one of the biggest hearts out there. happy birthday to the honey who suffers with anxiety and self doubt, but still manages to push on despite it all. happy birthday to the one who puts a smile on my face every Monday, with ocean blue eyes and long blonde hair. happy birthday to you, my angel. I love you more than words can say. ♡
hi, I love Joshua Dun. ♡
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