we were born to be free... πŸŒ™ 19

the town
the goat ι€±ζœ«
we are just lost souls, aren't we?
we are here not for a long time, we are here for good times.
first off, i want to wish u a happy birthday! and to thank you for always being there for me even in the distance when i needed the most. To thank you for being the best step brother and friend everybody would want, the friend that everybody deserve, i don't know a better person. I probably never told you that, but thank you for being that person i can always trust. For being that person who understand me (sometimes), that person with a beautiful and opened mind like yours. I hope you know that you will always have my back and support in everything you decide to do in the near future. You may don't know but you're the only one i can be completely honest with, I'm glad to have you in my not so long life. ...thank you. thank you. thank you. Te quiero muchΓ­simo❀ PS. (I never do that kind of thing so I hope you hate me a little less and love me a little more) πŸ˜‰ #sweet16
riding 🍁
the idea that we are so capable of love but still choose to be toxic ~ r.k
lonely star
not your typical stoned 18 year old #xo
"I am trying to find the courage to be tender in my life. I know violence is weakness. Only the gentle are ever really strong." #jamesdean 🌹
we'll find our love in the sky...✨ #kissland
if i had one day, one day when i didn't have to be all confused and i didn't have to feel that i was ashamed of everything β€’ if i felt that i belonged someplace... you know?
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