no one will ever care about this as much as you🌙🌌

although we're not the same i feel what you feel, i see what you see, and because of that; i understand you. it's just some of us have a better way of burying what hurts while others have a better way of digging it out. #rmdrake #poetry
were you born in black and white? you got that classic kind of beauty... #B &W
Felices 15 a una personita muy importante en mi vida. Gracias por tus sonrisas siempre . Te amo (:
"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..." - N. Mandela #weallbleedred #nobodybornracist
the town
the goat 週末
we are here not for a long time, we are here for good times.
happy birthday! thank you for always being there for me even in the distance when i needed the most. That person who i can always trust; I'm glad to have you in my not so long life. ... Te quiero muchísimo❤ PS. (I never do that kind of thing so I hope you hate me a little less and love me a little more) 😉 #sweet16
riding 🍁
lonely star
we'll find our love in the sky...✨ #kissland
if i had one day, one day when i didn't have to be all confused and i didn't have to feel that i was ashamed of everything • if i felt that i belonged someplace... you know?
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