Christian Louboutin

Culture Convergence

A line we can get behind! @commemoi_siwo 's #FW17 collection made its debut this weekend, walking in crisp white and cherry red custom Christian Louboutin sandals and pumps.
@commemoi_siwo designer @luyan60 's #FW17 collection took simple separates to the next level with elongated sleeves and perfectly tailored trousers. Christian Louboutin cross-strap Crissos pump in custom colours escorted the collection down the catwalk.
Pleats please! @commemoi_siwo 's ladies showed off feminine cuts in custom Christian Louboutin #SS17 Rocknbuckle Flat and Crissos pump.
On the up and up with Marchavekel! đź“· @cl.brasilia
A distinguished gentleman, this season’s Explorafunk traverses new horizons embellished with a signature logo crest. #LouboutinHomme
Decked from head to toe. #LouboutinWorld đź“· @ndtvgoodtimes
Paint it on. Our hand-painted finish, or patine, adds depth of colour and shine that simply couldn’t be achieved any other way. This painstaking process of hand application ensures the perfect shade every time - a blend of expertise, process and formula. #LouboutinHomme
Traditional shoemaking, contemporary living. Charlie Me, a classic full brogue, offers a handsome silhouette with a distinctively sporty touch. The tonal, all-terrain lug sole adds an ultra-masculine edge to the style, whether worn on or off duty. #LouboutinHomme
One of Christian’s personal favourites from the #SS17 collection, Crapamale embodies a surprising but carefully considered juxtaposition of traditional and modern. #LouboutinHomme
A traditional style for the unconventional man…or an unconventional style for the traditional man? Mixed materials and colour play define even the most classic styles in the @louboutinhomme collection.
Step up. Crapamale is given distinction through hand-broguing that utilizes high-shine rounded studs with modern appeal. This sense of newness continues with the shoe’s updated lug sole in bold, matching white rubber perfect for summer. @louboutinhomme
Shoemaking past meets shoemaking present. Worlds collide this season, as traditions of centuries-old Italian leather manufacturing meet the boundary-pushing creativity of Christian Louboutin. Explore bench-made styles for the @louboutinhomme via the link in our profile. đź“· @dapperlou
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