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Complimentary Colours

Cracking the colour code! This week, Australian artist @cj_hendry presents her latest exhibition during #ArtBasel Hong Kong in collaboration with Christian Louboutin. 📷 @okaymk
Artist @cj_hendry created her series Complimentary Colours using just 15 shades of wax pencil. The result? View our story to see the exhibition first-hand.
“There is something I love in her work that is very playful and you can feel the artisanship. Some artists now are quite industrial in their approach but in her work you almost feel a patina, a handcraftsmanship in the way she uses the colours. But it’s more our complete differences, which make it interesting– to have a point of view that is not like yours is nice. It is engaging and enriching” –Christian Louboutin Read our interview with @cj_hendry via the link in our bio.
Cue the red sole! For Complimentary Colours, @cj_hendry created 50 highly rendered drawings of thick oil paint in a wide spectrum of colours. At the heart of the series is what Cj affectionately refers to as ‘Big Red,’ an oversized rendering of Christian Louboutin’s iconic rouge, and a subtle homage to our iconic sole.
Colour studies. @cj_hendry 's latest body of work, and first incorporating the full spectrum, premieres today during Hong Kong Art Basel. Watch our Instagram Story to get a first-person perspective into the exhibition Complimentary Colours, presented in collaboration with Christian Louboutin.
Artist @cj_hendry knows a thing or two about Christian Louboutin shoes. In her previous works, including The Trophy Room exhibition in New York last year, Hendry incorporated iconic products and designs including So Kate as both sculpture and larger-than-life photorealistic drawings. Learn more about Cj’s work and get a glimpse into her newest works via the link in our bio. 📷 @okaymk
Rough around the edges. @louboutinhomme
Time for a change. Christian Louboutin’s new Artemistraps let you switch up your look at a moment’s notice.
Bonjour, Kitten! Neomid’s low profile is anything but in exquisite dentelle lace.
With a vivid, multi-material t-strap silhouette and coy leather bow detail, Aribak is a shoe-in for spring dates.
Power up! Add a surge of energy to your manicure with Loubichrome, in three multidimensional colours. #BeauteLouboutin
Day dreaming with Piloutin.
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