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[Cont. post] So here is the part 2 of swatches from @etude_official Balm & Color Tint. The finish for the previous post is more like a glossy shiny finish. But for this post swatches is more to creamy matte finish which means this 5 shades is more pigmented than the previous one. So here is the list of name for each shade (you can swipe to see individual swatches) : 06 called Maple Leaves which is the combination of dusty rose pink and fall leaves deep red shade. 07 is called Soft Persimmon which is the combination of creamy peachy shade and burnt orange shade. 08 is called A Soft Persimmon (and yes the name of shade 07 and 08 is so similar) which is the combination of peachy pink shade and a bold pigmented pink shade. 09 is called A Bold Face Irony which is the combination of creamy pale pink shade and deep pink with purple undertone shade. 10 is called A Condition Reflex which is the combination of brown peachy shade and bold pigmented red shade. Where you can find it?? @korean_noona is my answer 😊😊 #etudehouse #etudehouseindonesia #etudehousebalmcolortint #etudehousebylippiejunkiee
Hello for the all Lipstick junkie all of the world. Today i'll post swatches from another Korean Makeup brand which is called Etude House. The products i swatches is called @etude_official Balm and Color Tint Jumbo Pencil. Yes, this chubby pencil type lipstick has two sides, one side with more portion (around 70%) is balm and another 30% is color pigment. They believe this proportion is perfectly for those gradient lips lover. For the first release @etude_official start with 5 beautiful balmy tint shades. 01 is Close Relationship which is the combination of clear balm side with peachy color pigment. 02 is called Sour Sweet Half in Doubt which is the combination of yellow-ish balm and bright coral orange color pigment. 03 is called Round Up Love which is the combination of sheer peachy balm and orange red color pigment. 04 is called Half of The Apple which is the combination of pinkish balm and bright red color pigment. 05 is called Midnight Wine which is the combination of dark red balm and deep red color pigment. Where can get it?? @korean_noona #etudehouse #etudehouseindonesia #etudehousebalmcolortint #etudehousebylippiejunkiee
Happy weekend everybody. I'm coming here with swatches from another Korea brand called Tony Moly. This Tony Moly Shaking Tint Delight is different with other brand lip tint. You need to shake well to mixed the color oil-based pigment with the water to get a beautiful yet moisture lips. They got 3 shades is total as those shades are very common in Korean makeup industry. Those shade are : Shaking Pink : A bright blue based pink with a little bit hint of purple within. Shaking Red : A true bold red shade. Shaking Orange : A bold deep burnt orange shade. I swatch it with full lips for showing the color pigment of the lip tint. But you also can apply just within the the inner lips for the Korean most popular Gradient lips looks. #tonymoly #tonymolyshakingtint #tonymolyshakingtintdelight #tonymolybylippiejunkiee
Hi every lippie junkie πŸ€—πŸ€— SWIPE TO THE LEFT FOR MORE PICS πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘‰πŸ» Today i'm going to show swatches from @innisfreeofficial Eco Flower Tint Balm. Their products mostly is getting ingredient from natural and highly recommended for those who like natural ingredient and finish look. This lip tint balm collection is very moisturizing on lips yet it will leave a beautiful evenly stain after it faded away. So here is the swatches from @innisfreeofficial Eco Flower Tint Balm : Azaleas : A beautiful natural everyday pink shade. Garden Balsan : A cheerful sheer coral-ish shade. Camellia : A bold hot pink shade. Rose : A gorgeous beautiful rosy red shade. Calendula : A wild yet bold orange shade. Where i get it?? @korean_noona #innisfree #innisfreekorea #innisfreeecoflowertint #innisfreebylippiejunkiee
Hello fellow πŸ€—πŸ€—. Sorry for being MIA lately, got some work needs to be settle. πŸ˜…πŸ˜… So here i'm back with swatches from @elfcosmetics Jumbo Lips Gloss Stick. Yups this crayon is one of the earlier ELF products that has glossy finish. Now days i think this series has been discontinued by ELF. So without any further ado, let's jump into the swatches πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ . . . πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘‰πŸ»SWIPE TO THE LEFT FOR THE SWATCHESπŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘‰πŸ» . . . Into the nude : A sheer nude shade with no glitter (quite washed out on my skintone) Summer night : A little hint of pinky nude shade with glitter Pink Umbrella : A sheer pinky shade with no glitter Tiki Torches : A sheer orangey shade with glitter Sangria Starters : A sheer brick red shade with glitter Flirty & Girly : A sheer fuchsia pink shade with glitter Movie Star : A sheer red shade with no glitter So here is the swatches from @elfcosmetics Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick. Thanks for stepping and view my post, remember to follow my pages and turn on the notification for my next swatches posts. Love 😘😘 #elfcosmetics #elfjumbolipglossstick #elfbylippiejunkiee
MAYBELLINE VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK PART 2 So here is the part 2 for @maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick, which is all about the red shade that available for this series. MAT 7 is a quite sheer pinkish red shade. MAT 8 is a little bit coralish red shade. MAT 9 is a quite sheer true red shade. MAT 11 is a bold pigmented red shade (great for evening look). #maybelline #maybellineina #maybellineindonesia #mnymakeithappen #mnyitlook #maybellinevelvetmatte #maybellinebylippiejunkiee
MAYBELLINE VELVET MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK PART 1 So before the vivid matte liquid lipstick series, @maybelline Indonesia had launched their velvet matte liquid lipstick first. There are total 8 shades and i separated into two post. The part one would be in pink to coral shades. MAT 1 is a beautiful coral pinky shade. MAT 2 is a more barbie pinky shade. (Looks quite similar with MAT 1 but more pink tone in it) MAT 5 is a bright orangey shade. MAT 6 is a pigmented berry pinky shade. #maybelline #maybellineina #maybellineindonesia #mnymakeithappen #maybellinevelvetmatte #mnyitlook #maybellinebylippiejunkiee
NEW POSTS πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Here is my new swatches from @maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick. The packaging is a little different with other countries was, this version is launch in Indonesia or most Asia countries. So without any further ado, lets jump in to the swatches. SWIPE FOR MORE SWACTH PICS 😊😊 For this Vivid Matte line has 5 shades range mostly in bright shades and only has one nude. MAT 1 is a vibrant coral pink shade. MAT 5 is a vibrant truly orange shade but it is a little bit sheer compare to others. MAT 10 is a sheer fuchsia pinky shade. MAT 11 is a bright vibrant red shade. MAT 12 is a gorgeous everyday nude shade (best seller all time). #maybelline #maybellineina #maybellineindonesia #mnymakeithappen #maybellinevivids #maybellinevividmatte #maybellinebylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Finally the last shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint in Flirt. A gorgeous milky strawberry pink shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Last two shades from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint called Fristy. A true bold orangey shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Last three shades from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint which is called Tease. A bright pink shade with hint of fuchsia. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint is Whimsical. A elegant soft lavender purple shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next one from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint is Tango. A gorgeous soft coral orangey red shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint is Peony. An everyday wearable nude pink shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint in Pin Up. A gorgeous glossy sheer apple red shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] And here is one of the bold shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint in Coy. Honestly if it wasn't for lip swatches i won't use this shade ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A truly purple shade. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next shade from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint is Whisper. A nudey nude shade. (Really i only can describe it as nude πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
[Cont. post] Next one from @lagirlcosmetics Glazed Lip Paint is Elude (one of the best seller in my country). A wearable MLBB nude shade that give a healthy looks for most of the skin tones. #lagirl #lagirlglazed #lagirlcosmetics #lagirlglazedlippaint #lagirlbylippiejunkiee
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