Lily F 😍

Stress central😬 Miss home😭 Actor🎬 Singer🎤 Lil Fri is my rapper name😂

Chasing the sunrise into 2017 ✈
Christmas sisters 🎄
Day in Munich ✈️
Even though I didn't seem to understand where the camera was, I'm going to miss this lovely lady so much❤️😘
Snowflake ball babes ❄️
She's actually been planning this for days😘
You can't tell that I'm actually crying because Trump won the election😭
Decade day 💋
Disney day
10 ways to survive the zombie apocalypse 🎃
Halloween with my babes ❤️❤️👽 even though everyone but Leila looks like they're in a forced family photo 😂
Sweet sixteen🎉🎉🎉🎉
My level of excitement to be back at school😑
Dinner with my girls ❤️
Let's fly away 🎈
More from Alaska 🗻🏔
Been a bit off grid but the views are worth it🚢
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