Welcome to the official Instagram of Legendary. Kong: Skull Island in theaters March 10, 2017. Get tickets here...

#kongskullisland is 🔥🔥🔥. See it in theaters today.
Happy birthday to Interstellar’s and Crimson Peak’s @JessicaChastain.
KONG just became the highest grossing film EVER in Viet Nam. "I wish I could properly thank the people of the country for allowing us to shoot in their land, the government for helping make this possible, the crew who helped us get this made and every person we met along the way who had an impact on us. Thank you!!!! Millions of people all over the world are seeing how beautiful your country is and falling in love with it the same way I did. This is amazing." @voteroberts #KongisKing #KongSkullIsland
#TBT to when @voteroberts explained to @twhiddleston , @brielarson and @thomas_mann why running away from an angry kong might be a good idea.
Weaver Log Book [Entry 004]: We went to Skull Island looking for truth. What we found was so much more. #kongskullisland
“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat over a young boy’s shoulders.” Wishing a very happy birthday to Commissioner Gordon, Gary Oldman!
Join us in wishing a happy birthday to #PacificRimUprising ’s @ScottEastwood. #JoinTheUprising
"After an air cannon blasted @twhiddleston in the face with dirt debris. I cannot express to you how committed Tom is and as soon as we got this shot we realized it was such a good take that it would require him to be much dirtier than planned in the subsequent scenes. Worth it." @voteroberts
“I can’t tell if I’m talking or I’m not talking.” Director @Voteroberts works through an improvised scene with John C. Reilly on the set of #kongskullisland .
Happy #FanFriday ! We are pleased to announce the winner of our @posterspy art competition: the talented @axo3. Congratulations to you, and to our runners up @alekseyrico and @rqueenauthor with partners @abelart and @gino.acevedo. Thank you to all the artists who entered the competition and explored the many sides of Kong. #KongSkullIsland
Happy birthday to #PacificRimUprising ’s @jboyega_. You’re making the Pentecost name proud.  #JoinTheUprising
@Voteroberts , "Sometimes you have to climb to the top of a mountain during everyone else's lunch break with @twhiddleston just to get the shot and then make a dumb face when someone tries to take a photo."
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