Welcome to the official Instagram of Legendary. Kong: Skull Island on digital NOW, Blue-Ray 7/18. Join the Jaeger Uprising full video:

Unlocked: Monarch Classified File #63061 – Temple of the Moth, Yucca Province – E. Russell #MonarchSighting
@PosterSpy is releasing its limited edition 18x24 exclusive Kong prints. Get yours now! http://bit.ly/2vf7MLm
These guys have joined the Jaeger Uprising. Have you? Gojaeger.com #PacificRimUprising
What is a Jaeger? It's you, times a thousand. Now accepting pilot applications at GoJaeger.com. #PacificRimUprising . Watch the full video, link in the bio.
Today's the day, cadet. Join the Uprising at 11am with director @stevendeknight in person at the @Instamashii SDCC booth #3545 . #PacificRimUprising
Are you brave enough to face Skull Island? Explore the island only at #SDCC2017 . #KongSkullIsland
On this day in 2008 The Dark Knight made its debut and the Joker asked us for the first time, “Why so serious?”
Happy birthday to Straight Outta Compton director, @FGaryGray.
#FanArt Friday highlights Samuel Ho’s unique vision of The Dark Knight.
Happy birthday to @JackieEarle who played Rorschach in Watchmen.
#kongskullisland is coming to Blu-ray in 1 week!
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