Lea Elias

'98 Gemini★ Faraya-Lebanon🗻

Happy birthday to my #favoriteguitarist . You're one of the kindest and sweetest hearts I know. I wish you all the best.🎸🎧 #Albe #Nadia #forlife
We ain't never getting older❄🔱
Whatever you do, make sure it will bring you nothing but happiness 🔱
I'll always see life in black and white⛿
Identical Old and new version #twinningwithgrandma
Ayda is missing so we left her a space 😢❤
Together we'll write history 💫
Straight like an arrow🏹 #tb
#WildWest 🕵🔫
Maybe it was just a good dream💫☄
My parents were confused what name should they call me :"Lea,Perla or Joanna?" They finally took the decision to give me the name Lea. So I got myself two best friends named Joanna and Perla😋#FeelingProud 💣💋 #realstory
Wish we could turn back time⏳ to the good old days 💫
Cause I'm here to lift you up when you are feeling down 💕💕
It was 5 a.m on a bautiful morning🌟 with no sleep the night before😥 and I've managed to ruin their picture and the rest of their day😄😂... yet they still love me 😞😋#LeaBadaTenza3LSura #MyFavoriteBoys #tb 😍
We're not friends.... we're family ❤💫
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