music + dance 🇨🇺los angeles💃🏻 dance agent -> music inquiry ->

mañana... make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel to be the first to watch the official music video. 😏🤵🏻 🔥 #notengomas #culturamusic
13 shows left and continuing to be grateful to @arianagrande for allowing me to be me on that stage. no special treatment, no gags, just performance and love. ❤️🙌🏼 // thank you to the incredible @luizjosemonster for this edit.
"no tengo más" official video drops in two days. are you ready?! #culturamusic
it's live! my first song to be out on these platforms. "mamacita" is now available on spotify, apple music, and itunes! go be great and get it, buy it, stream it, do it. thank you all for the consistent support. i see you. ❤️ #mamacita #culturamusic #producedbykoobano @koobanomusic
Thailand has always been one of my favorite places to go. This is now my 3rd time in this magical country. Hopefully i'll be back very soon for a nice vacation!
save the date... performing in Texas at @plezzureisland !! sept 28-oct 1 #culturamusic
the little nuggets first time swimming by herself (with a floaty). she learned so fast but the highlight was when she spit water right into my mouth. (video) hahahahaha! "es agua" 😂😂😂 @adairmora_ #liahcarolina
it's up. it's free. go get it. #limitedtimeonly #mamacita #culturamusic
been in tokyo a week and this has been the only view i've seen. 🙈 hard work, discipline, and focus has been my objective. thank you to all who have motivated me and inspired me everyday. #culturamusic #offtothenextcity #tokyo
familia!! 🔊 super excited to announce the official release for my single "Mamacita" that will be available on itunes/apple music/spotify august 21. 🕺🏻 for those of you still reading this caption, the unofficial release will be this monday on soundcloud... for free. you will have until the official release on the 21 to download it. ❤️🔥 estoy muy feliz y agradecida por todo el apoyo de todos ustedes así que espero que les guste mucho!! 🎶 produced by my brother @koobanomusic #culturamusic #mamacita #koobanomusic
no long walks on the beach in pr. too damn hot. 😂 // con la boricua mia ❤️
"hello" @karolg @ozunapr // #culturachoreography (full video dropping tomorrow) ayeeeeeeee!! // 🎥 @mytypolife // #reggaeton #hello #karolg #ozuna #colombia #puertorico #cuba
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