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Only updater recognized by Kylie Cosmetics | THE hottest & fastest updates💃🏻 | Koko Kollection 1/24 3pm PST ❣️Pop up NYC

STOP PLAYING GAMES 😭😭 @kyliejenner sweet kisses palette ? Set ? This looks more like a long palette with a mirror to me but could also be a lipstick set maybe ? Koko kollection restock in 2 hours 🤗see swatches on my snapchat:kylieupdater I would love to see a set of minis or a set of the original valentines colors for this year !! But also a Mary jo gloss would be super cuteeeee !! Posie k, Mary Jo k, and Koko k are the OGs of Valentine's Day ❣️ What do you want to see ? #kyliejenner #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics
Damn Gina gloss apart of the KoKo kollection out tomorrow for $40 at 3 PM PST for THE FINAL TIME ❤️ this gloss is a beautiful nude pink with purple, pink and gold undertones of sparkles. ❣️Only on They are only sold as a set of 4 🎉tag @kyliecosmetics ❤️and see all four ON MY SNAPCHAT TOMORROW-kylieupdater #kyliecosmetics #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kokokollection #damngina #damnginagloss #gorg #okurrrrr #khlo #khloekardashian #kimkardashian #koko #kyliexkhloe @kyliejenner @kyliecosmetics @khloekardashian
YAS MOM. New York City my home ❤️I miss it so much. I hope you guys aren't too discouraged that isn't in your county / city. DONT WORRY SHE WILL HAVE A PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT LATER THIS YEAR 🤗🎉so proud of you baby @kyliejenner #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kylizzlemynizzl #kyliejenner
I love Kylie's personal set. Fun fact- she is the ONLY person to have the all gold packaging as a set for all of her lip sticks. If you see people selling them and it isn't Leo, lord, minis or Poppin it is 1000% fake WANT TO WIN THE MINIS?CHECK A COUPLE POTS BACK W THE PHOTO OF THEM FOR RULES ❣️ #kyliejenner #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics
Spot the abnormalities in this fake🙄🍑 (answers on my snapchat:kylieupdater) WANT TO WIN MINIS, LORD OR DARK BRONZE KYLINER ? SEE THE PHOTO OF THEM FOR THE GIVEAWAY OF ALL THREE A COUPLE POSTS BACK🎉 #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kylizzlemynizzl #kyliejenner #fakekyliecosmetics
See the koko kollection (restocking 1/24 at 3 pm PST for $40) on my snapchat !!! And much much more ☺️ snapchat:kylieupdater WANT TO WIN THE MINI MATTES, DARK BRONZE KYLINER AND LORD ? Check a couple posts back for their photo for giveaway instructions 🎉❣️ #kylizzlemynizzl #kyliejenner #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kokokollection #khloekardashian #kimkardashian #kylie
$40, Koko kollection back 1/24 at 3 PM PST 🤗❣️ see me in these colors and more on my snapchat : kylieupdater #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kyliejenner #kylizzlemynizzl #kokokollection
Thank you everyone who wished me a happy 18th!!!🤑Love you all thank you for your continuous support ❤️my personal collection is almost complete after my birthday (CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY POST WITH THE MINIS) and starting Tuesday, I will be all over my live Instagram feature and snapchat(my snapchat-kylieupdater) to show you your favorite kylie products☺️ ❤️ #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyshadow #kyliner
🙇🏻‍♀️what color would you like to see this year? I am a couple deliveries away from having everything from Kylie's 2016 collection ! Join me on my snapchat :kylieupdater to see the full collection on me later this week 🤗and see my story on here and snapchat for my birthday minis, lord, and dark bronze kyliner giveaway 🎉tomorrow's my birthday (please don't ask where I got it from because it was on her snapchat a couple months ago) #kylielipkit #kylizzlemynizzl #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner
45 dollars, 1 h 25 minutes, 12 new shades, one mirror and a single brush. The royal peach palette @ 🍑 #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #royalpeachpalette
This is open to US residents only - no I do not know why if you're upset about that email them st lol BUT you can win if you're in the US, you must be able to prove you are over the age of 18 to win. Winner will be notified by email of her company. This palette is out for sale 1/12 at 3 PM PST For $45 #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner #kyshadow #royalpeachpalette
Swatches 🤑 2 days $45 be there 🍑 What's your fav ?🍑 WANT TO WIN BIRTHDAY MINIS? READ MY LAST POST 🎁🎉 #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner #kyshadow #royalpeachpalette
GIVEAWAY UPDATE: So I realized there's literally no way of me possibly of being able to file as many entries as there was with the original rules. So the rules are now as follows and im sorry I can not keep track of how many people who followed @kyliecosmeticscentral so I'm sorry about that it's just too much to try to compute into a random generator: 🎁🎉I will be picking a random photo posted from 1/1-1/31, all liners who are followers of mine will be put in a drawing to win the items seen above. Winner will be picked the first week of February this is international. I will pay whatever cos. Fees come with it if someone internationally wins FOR FIVE EXTRA ENTRIES ‼️‼️‼️for US App Store in the app Mercari - download and use my invite code CHGMGH you must use an email to verify the account and send me proof of activation. If you've already done this for me it's already applied for you 🎁 Sorry about the rule change but it would've 5000+ because of that account entry and such and no way to track it I'm sorry about that but this is just a little gift to you for my birthday (which is Friday) happy birthday to me 🤗❤️ and good luck #kylizzlemynizzl #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kyliejenner #kyliner #birthdayedition #matteminis
@kyliejenner in peachy vibes done by @makeupbyariel in NYFW. Releases 1/12 $45 which means shipping is free for those in the domestic shopping range. Who's buying ? 🍑VISIT MY LAST FOR MINIS GIVEAWAY #kyliecosmetics #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kylizzlemynizzl #kyshadow
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