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As seen on/approved by Kylie & Kylie Cosmetics | I own everything❣️Inside Info about Products🔥| KKW DROPS 4/25 3 pm pst🍑

RESTOCKING -2000 likes= #kkwXkylie set giveaway (must be a follower of @kyliecosmeticsupdaterr !! winner will be dmed offer expires in 24 h🍑🍑) Restock this friday! No time yet $45 #kimkardashian #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics
SWATCHES ON DARKER SKIN THEY HAVENT PR ED HER IN SO LONG @makeupshayla I WONDER IF THRY SAW MY POST A COUPLE DAYS AGO ABOUT WANTING HER TO GET IT 😍😍🍑 drops in 15 minutes #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kimkardashian
YES this means PRs are out if someone finds a PR with darker skin PLEASE tell me. Are they #jeffreestarapproved ? Drops today at 3 pm pst 😍 link in bio for video 🍑🍑🍑 #kimlipkit #kylielipkit #kimkardashian
Boss lady in Kimmie 😍 won't be sold separately $45 usd tomorrow at 3 pm pst #kimkardashian #kylielipkit #kimlipkit
TOMORROW 😍😍😍$45 at 3 pm pst I'm so excited. DO NOT ASSUME THESE WILL BE PERMANENT AS THE KOKO KOLLECTION WAS THAT WAS BROUGHT BACK ONLY BECAUSE IT IS HER NUMBER ONE SELLING PRODUCT you go khlo @khloekardashian #kimlipkit #kylielipkit #kimkardashian #kkwxkyliecosmetics #kyliecosmetics
So ready to buy this set Kim seems a little light for my taste tho but this is Kimberly 🍑 #kimlipkit #kylielipkit #kimkardashian #kyliecosmetics
#KKWXKYLIECOSMETICS SWATCHES Top to bottom: Kimmie- pink nude, Kiki- traditional nude, Kim- orange nude, Kimberly- brown nude🍑HONESTLY the swatches with nude behind them is so inaccurate which is why I NEVER go by the photos of the lip colors against white paper TOTALLY inaccurate. I would say the darkest color is Kimmie, lightest is Kim. OUT 4/25/17 $45 USD at 3 pm pst 🍑 Photo: @trendmood1 #trending #kimlipkit #kylielipkit
• Im not ready 😍😍 April 25th 2017 #kkwXkylie #kimlipkit #kylielipkit #banggaintrain sec pic: @jeremy.chris
Everyone is looking for swatches and here they are I want to honestly see them on @makeupshayla 🔥3 days / Mini rant: Why is everyone so hurt about them all being named after Kim if it's literally called Kim Kardashian West x Kylie Cosmetics .. kylie picked the names 🍑why people make big deal over nothinggg 🤔 #kylielipkit #kimlipkit
#spotted in LA, Cali. Is @kylieshop opening permanently? We already know there's going to be a permanent @kyliecosmetics store to open this year 👀 could this be a mix of the two?❣️ #kylielipkit #kylieshop
🍑Contour kit please 👀👀 What do you think it is? @kimkardashian #kimkardashian #kimlipkit #kylielipkit
Swatches via @trendmood1 I can't wait to get my hands on these 😍😍and that formula looks so light and airy. Described to be a thinner version of the glosses they do not dry down and are not matte. They are more like traditional lipstick if you ask me. WILL NOT be sold separately #kylielipkit #kimlipkit #kimkardashian
A better view of the colors 🔥 left to right: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie 🍑🍑🍑❣️ Frequently asked questions: 🍑 Créme v Velvet: these are more light weight and are like that of traditional lipstick and do not dry down and are not matte, velvet is thicker and dries matte but not lasting like her mattes. Kim did NOT pick these names. They were at Kylie's discretion . When things are extremely popular, kylie does bring them back. 🔥All companies do. Do not assume these will be back as much as Koko which is their highest selling lipsticks 🔥🍑 remember that kylie only released her Valentine's collection once Drops 4/25/17 $45 only @kyliecosmetics #kimkardashian #kimlipkit #kylielipkit
Créme consistency like traditional lipstick❣️$45 4/25 🍑 Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie 🍑 #kylielipkit #kimkardashian #kimlipkit
$45 !! Cost more than Koko because koko kollection had a gloss. April 25th 2017 only @kyliecosmetics #kimlipkit #kimkardashian #kylielipkit
SWIPE double-tap your Mood Bc you need these🍑 Tag a friend who loves @kimkardashian 🍑 APRIL 25th 2016 AT 3 PM PST #kimkardashian #kylielipkit #kimlipkit
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