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At this point in time I'm very busy and fee unsure about the direction of this account because I have lost drive for it because not that there's anything wrong with this but it is people who only dm that dominate it so the account is built with awareness because their followers don't see it and such and it doesn't cause networking so I may revisit my applications to run this account with someone under me handling it(which is hard for me when I am a very micro manage like person) or I may make it an account to answer/ post questions about the company and products and such. On top of that I'm having a hard time growing my other account @kyliecosmeticsupdaterr Thank you for your support -brianna #kyliecosmetics #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics
"I have medium- tan skin tone. I like Kylie's lip kits because they barely bleed and they stay all day long. They also feel very comfortable." @__daileen__ in Mary jo k WANT TO BE REPOSTED? CHECK OUT HOW YOU CAN HERE❣️❣️👈🏻 #kylielipkit #maryjok
"Jolly gloss and burgundy palette on the eyes! I have a medium skin tone with gold-ish undertones! Love this beautiful shade of gloss. It can be made lighter or darker depending on how thick you put it on. And it does stain my lips but it looks really pretty." @jaydeanzola in jolly gloss from the holiday collection. Medium skin yellow tones #kylielipkit WANT YO BE REPOSTED? READ MY NOTES PHOTO #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner
"if kylie makes everything makeup i will only use her stuff i love it 😂❤" @gabywaters23 in maliboo and the bronze palette medium skin tone with yellow undertones FUNFACT: I made this account so all people of all skin tones would be represented!! SCROLL DOWN A ROW TO SEE THE NOTE PAGE OF INSTRUCTIONS TO BE REPOSTED😍🔥 #maliboo #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kyliematte #kyliemakeup #bronzepalette #tiffgodgiveaway
"I think it is a really great color for pale skin tones and it doesn't get sticky at all. I wore it all day and almost none of it came off" @jade.stein in literally gloss yellow and pink undertones #literallygloss #kylielipkit
"here I am wearing maliboo, I love this colour because I think it complements my skin tone and is the perfect cool toned nude💗" @maddmac711 in maliboo perfect nude for lighter skin tones WANT TO BE REPOSTED? READ MY BIO❤️🔥 #maliboo #kylielipkit
"I absolutely love dirty peach, it especially goes well with the bronze palette I wear the combo often, I love how smooth it applies and long lasting it is I wear it early in the morning for school and by the end of the day I have to really rub it off because it has great application. I have a pale rating of skin tone on a scale 1 lightest 10 darkest I'm probably a 3! It makes my lips look like a pinkish peach color!" @taybeotchhh in dirty peach WANT TO BE REPOSTED? READ TWO POSTS BACK 🔥 #kylielipkit
"My skin is like a medium brown with like reddish undertones and the Leo was a bit too dark for me, so we added vixen to try to brighten it up." @_keeks.__ In Leo and vixen WANT TO BE REPOSTED 🤑READ MY LAST POST
@kcaragianis wearing candy k " this is my FAVORITE nude of Kylie's as I have light/medium skin with yellow undertones. At first I thought this color would wash me out, but it's honestly become my favorite go-to nude, plus all Kylie products smell DELISH." WANT TO BE REPOSTED?? Read my bio! #makeupartist #makeuptutorial #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #makeuplife #kylie #kyliematte #kyliemakeup #kylielipkit #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics #kyliemynizzl
@_preciousnicole wearing vixen and gorg. "I used Vixen underneath and Gorg from the koko collection on top and made a pretty deep wine color.I'm deep tan skin tone and the wear was EXTREMELY long wear. I went to two parties and It didn't budge" love the combination of these two colors!! #kyliematte #kyliemakeup #makeuplife #makeuptutorial #makeupjunkie #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics
@danishaladawn wearing smile. "I absolutely love it! I get compliments on it all the time. The formula is super smooth and not patchy at all. The pigment is great as well but it doesn't leave a stain on my lips which is also a plus. Definitely one of my favorite pinks" love this color on her!!😍 WANT TO BE REPOSTED? Read my bio! #kylielipkit #kyliejenner #kyliemynizzl #highlighter #makeupartist #makeupaddict #lipstick #kyliecosmetics #smile #smilelipkit #sephora #pink #lipstickqueen #like4like #spamforfollow #spamforspam #makeupjunkie #makeuptutorial #makeuplife #kyliemakeup #kyliematte
"i'm very pale and the colour i'm wearing is such a nice creamy brown that i think goes well with almost every" @bethany_dickson in true brown k. Light skin pink undertones WANT TO BE REPOSTED? Read my bio INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED NO SNAPCHAT FILTERS 🖖🏻 #kyliejennermakeup #kyliejenner #kyliemynizzle #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #truebrownk
@irieaskeww wearing Kristen lipkit with tan skin and peachy undertones. "it feels and looks so good on the lips. I have a good amount of lip kits but this will always be my favorite one. It's hard to find a perfect red as someone with tan skin and this one is perfect! I love it so much!" 😍😍
I love this mix. It's a mix of Mary jo and posie k. I originally made it thinking valentine would appear to be this color and am happy and sad it doesn't 😅 I mixed it with a lip brush. I have medium skin with light olive and yellow undertones I'm also wearing her copper Creme shadow from her bday collection (my fav) WANT TO BE REPOSTED? Read my bio for info😍 #Maryjok #posiek
"I love orange lipsticks but they're usually too bright or too red and don't suit me well. When I saw she was coming up with this pumpkin colour I knew I had to have it 😍. It lasts all day, the consistency is the same as her others lipsticks. I have nothing bad to say I love this color and love her lipsticks." @kathiamhdez in pumpkin light skin tone yellow and down undertones WANT TO BE SEEN IN YOUR FAV PRODUCT READ MY BIO!!! #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliejenner #kyliecosmetics
In love with this new kylie tip concept 😍 #kyliejenner #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kylizzlemynizzl
"I'm really fair so it's a nice bold color without being too heavy. I like the formula. But the applicator isn't as nice as the new ones she makes now. I can put it on before school and it's still on other than the area right in the center of my mouth " @lindseysteedley in dolce k. Light skin tone with yellow undertones WANT TO BE REPOSTED? Read my bio 💗 #kylizzlemynizzl #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner
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