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Of Course Not @project_baby_1k
When A Bih Got You Fucked Up
When You Send Your Homeboy To Da Store To Buy Some Condoms For You 😒😒😒 HOW YOU KNOW NIGGA 😡
Ugly Corner Posted , I'm From Golden Acres 🖕🏿 We Don't Fuck W Oakland 👮🏿👮🏼‍♀️Nigga We Be Running From Da Raiders #PullingCapers #HatersGoneHateRegardless 🤷🏾‍♂️ Ya Understand
We Started That Spreading Money Shit .... We Influenced You Niggas , & This My LIL Homie @1800blockboy .... I Be Spreading All Cross My Arms & Legs And Shit #DownSouth
MTV VMA Nominated #FWM I Love Y'all #KodakFanatics 🕺🕺🏿☝🏿😘💃💃🏿
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