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got me walking side to side

; hey rats, happy new year 🌚 for christmas I got little mix tickets for july I'm shook + I've decided I'm adding tana into my account bc I love her :) hope y'all like this edit, it took me much longer than it normally does shook. qotd; opinions?
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; hey last edit of this themee. I've already made the first edit of my new theme & I really like it 💓 I have so many assignments due for school I need to finish them. I can't wait til the summer holidays oml. — qotd; favourite song from christmas & chill? aotd; december.
; heya it's my birthday tomorrow shook. this is the second last edit of this theme,, it was rlly fun making it I hope you guys liked it :) happy birthday jordy ily @bocashook 💓 — qotd; do you have sweet like candy? aotd; yes I got it today.
; hii, I'm already more than half way throughout this theme,, I usually take ages to finish it lmao. it's my birthday in 13 days idk what I want rip 💀 — qotd; what songs do you want ari to perform on the tour that's not on the dangerous woman album? aotd; one last time + they don't know + knew better pt 2.
; hEy, little mix is ari's opening act I'm actually screaming, if they come here then it'll be the 2nd time I've seen them omg && also victoria monet but idk her lel. I'm so excited for the dangerous woman tour kms 🌚 — qotd; when is your birthday? aotd; 11th october.
; hiya I'm pretty sure this theme will turn out nicee,, I really like it so far. scream queens is premiering tonight && everyone is saying it's gonna be so good. I'm gonna watch it soon, I love the show it's amazinggg 💓 –– qotd; rate this edit out of 10.
; heyy new theme finally! I've been posting a lot this week. rn I'm on a holiday at this island resort and it's so prettyy,, there's palm trees everywhere and I can see the ocean from the balcony oml. anndd knew better pt 2 was so unexpected, I love it. it's a boppp 🌞 –– qotd; knew better pt 1 or pt 2? aotd; pt 2 ofc.
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; heyy I was planning on doing 3 rows of this theme but I wanna start my new theme so bad so I will next week or something. I really hope ari comes to australia on the dangerous woman tour or I'll kms. my birthday is in 29 days omGg! I hope you had a good birthday haley @iwriteonme 💙 –– qotd; comment a song that starts with the first letter on your name. aotd; side to side.
; the side to side music video slayed so much,,, it's like one of my favourites on the album. @arianagrande looked stunning. I should of featured the music video somewhere in this edit oops. I go on holiday soon so I won't be active,, I'll try to post something before I leave ❤️ –– qotd; comment "👗" if you like this edit.
; hiii I haven't posted an edit in a while oops. also please go follow my backup account just incase anything happens to this account,, I just made it a few days ago && I'll follow back → @sideotside ◡̈ btw tysm for 18.7k ily 💜 –– qotd; tag your best friends.
; hey y'all, I'm so bored rn. I haven't been active because my internet wasn't working for a few days && school is back anyway. also congrats to ari for 79 million on instagram omggg yass 👀 –– qotd; have you been to any concerts? if so, who's? aotd; I went to see little mix in may.
; heyy new edit. I'm loving dangerous woman rn. my fav songs from it rn is probably knew better/forever boy & side to side. hope y'all like this edit 💓 –– qotd; tag your idols? aotd; @arianagrande @littlemix
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