Helen Sampa

Lady king 👑

The world is too long. So do whatever you do.
When ur love is taken away someone has to pay
Happy birthday mchina Wang my darling
Wid my gul
Just keep on talking shits about me I don't give a damn.
Sh 45 tu
Only 45
You said u wanna f*** me,u said u wanna f*** ma money listen up u ass hoe u can't play wid my mind and u knw wat a nigga like you can't play wid my mind and u know wat of course yes I am a hoe who i can play wid ur mind and also ur money u ain't my type and you're nothing to me u ass nigga,so stop pretending that I am ur goal digger and stay away from me.
Don know wat to say
Don f*** ma money
Big fat ass ooh my wat da f***.
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