Amazing day with the best 😘 #winter #cold #freezing #Denmark #holidays
This week has been even more amazing than I expected, I love you more than anything I really do! 😘 missing you....
#thinking about my love❤
Thanks for this weekend baby I really loved it a lot 😘
❤️ baby ❤️
Do what you want not what anybody else want you to
Girls Night out ❤️😏
#don 't choose you who want to be just be who you're💁🏼
My girls💁🏼❤️
Breakfast In the hotel room 😍
Maybe not the best pic of me ever but Thank you @emmaeydal for These days I Loved being With you❤️
Trying to be a bit more fit but let's see if it works 🙄
Love you lots 😘
When you feel like shit and you don't know what to do or where to go you just want to hide yourself from the world and lay down in your bed and cry until can't breath but you have to be strong it's just really tuff when you lost someone you really love and care about tbh I don't know what to say or do it hurts so freaking much it's a feeling that can't describes think I'm going to live in this pain forever wish I could say and do some different things to a person right now but sometimes you have to admit that it can't always be as you wanted it to be I can't believe it there's such an big part of me that's gone think I'm going to die honestly I wish I could keep texting and try to take it all back but I know I can't and also I can't be stupid enough to ask him to come back because I want him to be happy and do whatever he wants and I know things can be complicated in life I just have the strength to do what I want so I hope that person I'm talking about knows that I'll always love him and he will be here with me in my heart forever and I will miss him a lot and he will be on my mind I will never forget that person that made me so happy so lucky and loved thank you so much for everything take care rest in peace I love you❤️ always and forever🔐
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