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It's a funny thing, what is home to me? an airbnb I rented with @meganhassa for a month in Bali that has no hot water, and 5 ant colonies living in the walls has become home. We only got one towel that's not even really a towel, it's more like an over-glorified dishcloth. The previous month I had rented an Airbnb with @storyofsage and had a similar experience. Over 12,000 kilometers on a moped, driving sometimes all night to catch the rising sun. I bought a bright, pink raincoat just to annoy Megan. Worked great, it also worked great for keeping the monsoon rain off of me while we drove. That moped has become like another appendage of mine we've spent so much time on it, on those rides we've had some really good convos though. It's an interesting thought, A device created to make distance between two places worked so well to bring two people closer together. Indonesia has become home, not a home away from home, but home. I know I'm leaving, I don't know if I'll ever return to sit on that moped again but I do know this, you have to choose to make home where you are. Thank you to everyone that made these past few weeks so special.
The past few months I've been traveling a lot and haven't had much time to respond to comments and dms, I apologize if you sent me something and I never got back to you😬 I'd like to open up the next few hours too just talk or answer any questions you have for me, just make a comment below or send me a dm and I will get back to you as soon as possible 😃
We played around in the fog for about an hour, could barely see 20 feet in front of us. As the sun set the clouds dissipated to reveal this giant Volcano that had been watching over us the whole time. What a pleasant surprise.
When the Hawaii squad comes out to Bali 🙌🏼
I remember the first time I did Stairway to Heaven, never would have thought it would get to the state it's at now .... last time I got to the top I could barely walk around without stepping in trash left by others. The most beautiful hike in the world has become a glorified trash can. Please, take care of the nice things in life🙂
The Volcanic smoke makes the air smell like a classic 4th of July night after one of the 10,000$ firework displays goes off in each town. The difference here is nothing's being celebrated. I watched all morning as sulfur miners walked into the crater and disappeared into the thick smoke only to emerge an hour later with baskets full of bright, yellow sulfur. Under the light of the Milky Way Men young and old carried these baskets to the top of the mountain only to repeat the process until their bodies couldn't anymore. Life expectancy for these guys is an all time low. The craziest part, each basket they spent an hour carrying to the top of the mountain was worth less than a dollar. Maybe that particular sulfur isn't the sulfur that we use in our fireworks on the days we celebrate. But it is an interesting thought. Some things that bring joy to us were made with a cost far greater than the price tag put on it.
One thing Hawaii offers that many places can't... mountains that rise right out of the ocean.
About 3 months ago I moved out of my home in Hawaii to travel for a bit. Before I left I got a leather bag made by @goforthgoods and not to sell out but dang it's such a sick bag. If you like anything leather make sure to check them out.
"Josiah don't go underneath it with your camera" For Everyone that asks I use a canon 5dmkiii. I don't know how this thing is still working, it's missing 3 buttons and the top screen has water in it. I do know this though, Canon is built tough. @canonusa #teamcanon #canon
Truly incredible times with truly incredible people🙂
Classic mornings on the stairway to Heaven
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