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people over places He>I ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Currently📍- India 🇮🇳

Finding times to have them to ourselves and enjoy the mountains on Hawaiian, winter days.
Deep in the mountains, where not many venture to, lies a perfect place to sit and watch the sun set behind the mountains like you've never seen before. And I guarantee if you make it you'll have it to yourself 😜
This photo was taken in The hills of Garhwal at a lake only known by shepherds of the area. During the summers the shepherds will come to this lake and let their animals graze in the fields all while having a fresh source of water. These people of the hills are becoming more scarce in the modern age as their nomadic lifestyle does not offer a sustainable future for their children.
We started hiking at 11pm Thursday and finished at 10pm Friday. 20 miles up and down through the mountains just to get to this spot. Things aren't always what they seem👀
Deep in the jungles of Laos we found this incredible waterfall. Pretty sure we were some of the first people to photograph it.
FACT - Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, you can tell from the wrinkles in her ridges. FACT - @robstrok wears Fruit of the Loom underwear
Sometimes I spend hours walking in the dark just to meet with her. She never waits for me, I'm on her time. She only lets me see her for a short amount of time each morning, it's a bittersweet relationship. At times Im too tired or lazy to see her but the way she dances in the light and the way her warmth touches my skin will always pull me back🌅
Moody days in the Mountains
Sometimes I look back at memories and places I've been and almost can't believe they are real. I could never even dream of something more beautiful. We live in a dream world.
People always ask me what my favorite view on Oahu is. I can't say I have one in particular because there's just too many too pick from but this view right here definitely is in close runnings.
Been finding myself on the tops of mountains for sunset a lot lately
Just sharing something from my journal today. We live in a society where "love" is such a taboo word. To the point where we can date someone and not tell them we love them "till the time is right". Love is not a feeling it's a choice! Love should never be earned, no matter what we do we could never earn God's love yet he still chooses to love us. In the same manner we need to choose to love. Choose to love people, even people you've never met, even your enemies. Don't feel shy, love will always universally speak magnitudes into people's lives more than any words you could ever speak. Choose love, don't just feel it. . . This photo of me was taken by @meganhassa while we watched one of the most beautiful sunsets of our lives.
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