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Classic mornings on the stairway to Heaven
What you see in My pictures are exactly that, just pictures! It's what I've chosen for you to see. I don't post photos about how I've found myself broken. I don't make stories of the hard days I go through. What you see here on my Instagram is how I express art. It isn't life and shouldn't be looked at as such. Life should never be how many waterfalls I can get too or how many countries I can visit, there is so much more than that. This is why it's important to remind yourself often where your identity is found. Being in this business I have met some of the largest social media influencers out there.... actors, musicians, photographers etc. Hidden Behind a mask of followers and Snapchat stories to make their lives seem grandeur are broken people. People choose what they want you to see on here. What am I getting at? This thought was brought upon by the often asked question, "I love your life, how do I have it." You don't love my life, you love the life I have portrayed to you. You don't love the most famous people's lives, you just love what they have chosen for you to see. Fame will not make you feel less empty. I know because I've been around people with all the fame in the world who are less than happy. This is because they have found their happiness in all the wrong things. They've found identity in their fans. They find happiness in how many people know them. Please, don't wish you were someone else. You are beautifully and wonderfully created by the very hands that can give you true purpose. You were created the way you are for a reason, whether it means the whole world knows your name or just your friends. The number of people who know you doesn't determine the difference you can make. Stop wishing for things that have no purpose. Start fixating your wishes and your happiness in things that matter ✌🏼
It's starting to become a theme.... arriving at the waterfall 15 minutes before it gets dark. At least we get it to ourselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The full moon complemented the rising sun so well on this particular morning. It's an interesting thought. The sun sheds light to the world as we see it making things appear out of the darkness yet at the same time it makes the moon and the stars disappear into the darkness. Maybe there's a metaphor in there.
I've never seen light rays as many times as I have here in Bali.
There's no other way to say it.... I just really like Indonesia
About 2 years ago I was looking through photos on Instagram and came across a photo of a breathtaking waterfall taken by @andybachtiar_ . I didn't know when or how but I knew I had to go one day. This past week I got to play in the most beautiful waterfall I've ever seen and more importantly got to meet the inspiration of it all himself, @andybachtiar_ .
The mountains are always smiling, I just don't like their teeth sometimes. I remember we got to this spot right at sunset and had to walk across those spires in the dark. Talk about adrenaline rush
Spent the last three days in East Java. It's been such an incredible experience. I didn't realize how big the island was and we ended up spending most of our time on buses getting to these incredible locations. It was a great time to reflect and also learn some new photo tricks from @iwwm ! looking forward to sharing more images from the trip with you 😃
I normally don't post selfies, but I thought I'd remind you guys what I look like every once and awhile ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sometimes nature just decides to put on a show for you....
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