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How many natural infinity pools can you count? 😜
For Wahyu's (@iwwm ) birthday we all decided to go climb Ijen crater for sunrise. That lake is so dense with sulfur that it is actually that color in real life. We watched in the darkness as sulfur miners would carry close to 100kilos of sulfur up the mountain for less than pennies. When the sun started to rise @iwwm threw up his drone and captured the sun touching the mountain around us and this is what it looked like. Sometimes I can't believe places like this exist, glad I got to experience this one with good friends:)
We came to Lombok during Ramadan, The 9th month of the Muslim year where people do not eat or drink from sunrise to sundown. The place we were staying was surrounded by mosques and each mosque had giant speakers to allow their prayers to be heard all around town. Every night as soon as the sun set prayers that seemed to be directed straight into our windows lasted till morning. It helped us to wake up earlier to get to the gorgeous views like this one that Lombok had to offer.
Photos are powerful because through them we are able to place ourselves in the position of those we see in them. We see emotions like Happiness, sadness, Anger, excitement and In photos we are able to identify with them. Its a really cool way to connect, in my photos I laid the groundwork and started a story and you finish it within your own mind
I'm curious of how many people actually read captions. So I want to try and experiment. If you read this comment anything, an emoji, ask me a question, tell me your favorite ice cream flavor, Anything! It'll help let me know how many people are actually interested in what I have to say. I will respond to as many of you as I can😃 . I had tried this once before when I had far less of an audience, since I have grown I would love to see how many people read captions rather than just "liking" a photo.
We slept in hammocks that night ontop of the mountain. You forget how cold the Hawaiian winds actually get when you're that high up. We woke up for sunrise only to see white. We were completely surrounded by clouds. It's strange knowing you're ontop of the mountain yet cant see 10 feet in front of you. The eerie scene soon turned into a light show as the cloud we were engulfed in turned orange as the sun rose above the horizon.
In the sky above the clouds yet somehow still on the ground
I remember the night before this photo was taken I had fell off this cliff while running towards the summit. It's about a 500 foot drop to the bottom. The ground just gave out and I just kept falling until my hand randomly caught on to a root on the side of the mountain. What's funny is I didn't even think twice about it, I immediately climbed back up to the top of the trail and looked over and saw Meg and Kels covering their eyes because they thought I had just died. I yelled "let's go!" and just kept running towards the summit like nothing happened. We all got to the top and watched one of those sunsets that lasts way longer than a sunset should. One of those sunsets where the sky is a canvas being painted right before your eyes in the most vibrant of colors. And the best part....I got to share it with some of my best friends. Life is good.
The first time I've ever been in a desert. I ran around for sunset and watched the orange sky and sand blend together seamlessly. Thank you so much @hotelparacas and @theluxurycollection for the experience:) #destinationdiscoveries
My kind of playground
Our last night in Peru we drove out to the middle of the desert, watched sunset, then ate dinner under the stars. Such a great way to end this amazing trip. Thank you so much @hotelparacas for the amazing dinner. @theluxurycollection #destinationdiscoveries
I've seen pictures of Machu Picchu but could never have imagined that I would see it with my own eyes. As the sun set below the surrounding mountains these light beams illuminated the smoke from distant fires and lit up the sky. Very fortunate to have shared this memory with some old friends as well as new. #destinationdiscoveries @theluxurycollection Taken during my stay at the gorgeous @hoteltambodelinka
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