Jones Crow

photographer || director

in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take @itsnotsonia // @seventeenmx
If you want it bad enough... Fight for it @meredithmickelson In collaboration with @taylorcutfilms @marcduron @jaimeedencreates @thelionsla @prevailboxing
A day with @meredithmickelson ... Its easy to fall off track or fall short of our dreams. We only live once and we have to give this life our best,, or live the rest with regrets. It's awesome to meet a young individual like Meredith who takes her dreams serious. Waking up for super early call times several times a week, training non stop and pushing herself constantly and at such a young age. I wish her all the best and continued success. @taylorcutfilms And I have more content coming at you soon. In collaboration with @marcduron @jaimeedencreates and @thelionsLA @prevailboxing
"You look cool af, dove" 😋 Before every shoot, I get a lil anxious. No matter how many I've done or how prepared I am, u just never really know how things are gonna go till its going. It's that fear of the unknown. I guess I'm telling you all this cuz I don't want fear to discourage yall from venturing out of your comfort zone. Let your passion guide u.
📷🔥 @dovecameron
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