Jessica Biel

I have nothing to declare but my genius. Oscar Wilde said that. I'm just here for the punch.

What, what... 2017 is kicking ass so far. My show, #TheSinner , was picked up by @usa_network. Can't wait for you guys to see it.
Because it takes a village...because you can't do it alone...because they don't come with an owner's manual.
My movie, The Book of Love‚Äč, is now available to rent or own. It's a labor of love and I hope you guys check it out (link in profile). #bookoflovefilm
Night of the living lace face mask...happy Friday the 13th!
Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin James and juice #bookoflove #billpurple
Ellen on my mind... #bookoflovefilm
So, libations before noon were a bad idea?...#goldenglobespregame
Please see my movie The Book of Love so my director Bill Purple can go back to his day job. #andhiswifecangetnewboobs
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