Jessica Biel

I have nothing to declare but my genius. Oscar Wilde said that. I'm just here for the punch.

Heard ads for #TheSinner were supposed to be hitting the streets any day now. Keeping my eye out but nothing so far... 📷: @justintimberlake
Is your book club distinctly lacking suspense, mystery, and psychological f*ckery? Then pick up #TheSinner by Petra Hammesfahr from @penguinbooks. You won’t be disappointed!
On this day in 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon’s surface. They were there for two and a half hours. It took me a half hour to nail this photo.
I’m so proud of the show we’re making and I can’t wait for you guys to see @TheSinnerUSA. Seriously. I cannot wait. So here’s a sneak peek before the premiere! #TheSinner
You wanna see my secret, totally useless talent? Watch this BTS video from my @marieclairemag shoot!
So excited to share pics from the August issue of @marieclairemag ! Pls check it out for scoop on my new show @thesinnerusa , mom life and more! Link to feature in bio.
Happy #InternationalKissDay ... Wait. Did I get this wrong?
Join me and @TheUSO as we honor and support our servicemen and women! I hereby nominate @theRock to join in on the #gunshow #Flex4Forces
Please join me and my overly festive sweater in wishing Patrick Wilson a very happy birthday!
Who's got the face of a sinner? This guy! Check out the official poster for @thesinnerusa ! And mark your calendars… the premiere is August 2 on @usa_network. #thesinner
Meet a dear member of the Timberlake family… @NannyConnie ! She took us to church and now she’s gonna school you! Follow her for advice, knowledge and more! #justbetheparent #NannyConnieBook (link to watch full video up top in bio) #JBTP
SPOTTED! In her natural state, notice the slack jaw, deep sleep and palpable fatigue of this creature. Yes, it is a working mom.
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