FRAÎCHE (fray-sh)

Los Angeles 📧 JamieFraiche@gmail.com 🔴YouTube.com/jamiefraiche (subscribe!)

When I'm trying to gain more confidence this is what I drink #kanyeloveskayne
Pants: #topshop Belt: #urbanoutfitters Wallet chain: @room13la Necklace: @vidakush Jacket: amazing thrifting find 😩😍
trim and keratin treatment from my love @leon_yeshua_ ✂️
(Singing the weeknd x Lana "stargirl" I am obsessed with this song and if there's one song I wish I made myself it's this one for sure, LA PRODUCERS work w me I need production like this song so badly)
Wallet chain: @room13la ⛓ They have super dope jewelry go check them out🔩🛠Beanie & hoodie: @xstremeclothing
So comfy in my @xstremeclothing Beanie and hoodie 😌
I know who's rooting for me, I know who's not. Remember that before you come up to me.
Hydrating 💦 wearing @room13la
Ahhhh celebrating @sophiamiacova bday the other night, so much fun! This girl is one of the best people I've met in LA, she is so down to earth, sweet, and humble and her compassion for the world around us and humanity is inspiring. Thanks for always being there and being a light to all💕💕💕
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