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been doing light work outs, eating right, and wearing my waist trimmers at night (LINK IN BIO or jamiefriache.com to purchase!!!) They help rid of bloat/ I use them during workouts to keep abdomen contracted and sweating. It's crazy how many things you can eat that cause you to bloat (even apples?!), half them time our stomachs just appear bigger than they actually are simply because of what we eat or over eating(check out my story for the list of thing that cause bloating). The waist trimmers help with the little things like that! I put them on even a few hours prior to an event to look and feel my best! Everyone asked me about my secret for a long time, and this is truly it (with diet and exercise for long lasting results) and I've used them for three years religiously now. No scam, no harm (they are too flimsy to hurt your bones or organs), just me keeping it real and stacking my coins in the process. Buy them or don't! Believe me or not. I'll love you either way :)
Pants got a lil dirty 🤷🏼‍♀️
Missing this little girl so much! This is my niece, Bella, she's five, and super sassy but the sweetest little human in the world (holds you when you cry kinda sweet). My fam was in town visiting and she had a lot of fun in my wardrobe, she's my little mini-me! She found my wig and the moment she put it on her voice changed and her name was Lexi (see video) hahahah. 😩😂❤️
If you're looking for a way to spice up your life, sit on a random dresser on the side of the street. No other feeling like it. (Flare slit pants from @fashionnova )
dreading the arrival of my roots
VISIT MY BLOG jamiefraiche.com🗡for more photos & a write up of this set! This is also now where you can shop the waist trimmers! I will be doing weekly blog posts so STAY TUNED! Special thanks to @theryancaron for building it for me!
Love these @youthandlove Strawberry Marine Collagen packets! I just add them into my water! Improves skin hydration, hair quality, nail strength, and joint support. The best absorption amongst all collagen types, keeping me young foevaaaaa!
Hollywood princess
You know I'll be just fine
Mother of selfies
just eat a banana 🍌
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