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Masa lalu telah tersimpan, masa ini masih merekam, masa depan akan tayang #support
I keep trying but it didn't went well, how many times I have to restated myself that things will get better forward? Oh Allah, I knew you always be there for me...so please, give me signs to let me trust all these worries and uncertainties that only me and you would understand. I am to hoped every generous possibilities you put on me and I will then always be great upon your names. Shadaqallahulazim..
Bingung harus post foto apa, I decided to this picture... First of all, I wanna congratulate to all of you that already got the opportunity to pursue your dream at universities....walaupun tidak berkesempatan mendapatkannya, gua sadar bahwa Tuhan Yang Maha Esa sudah dan selalu memberika yang terbaik bagi hamba-hambaNya dan hal itu bukannlah pengahncur kehidupan serta cita2 kita....Tuhan memberi kita kehidupan untuk diperjuangkan dan bila sudah mencapainya, kita harus selalu mengingatNya juga semata2 itu semua hanyalah pengantar kita ke akhirat. Tapi yang paling penting adalah bagaimana cara kita beriman, beramal dan berusaha dalam kehidupan ini niscaya semua tidak akan mustahil.... So once again, selamat kepada kalian yang telah mendapatkkan apa yang kalian angankan, namun ingatlah bahwa semua ini hanya permulaan and not the conclusion of everything you've gained...always keep up and never underestimate each of others. God always watching
Let's mourn for awhile!!! Muslim around the world these days have been allegedly accused of puppeteering attacks in several countries that I will not objectively tell and thus Islamophobia are being spread by ridiculousness with more twisted background than we ever known...honestly, you people grief for what happened but you didn't realize that Muslims are not the one to blamed at the first place. We all lived in unity then those disguting bastards came to destroy us apart, these are out of limit and I only sit here looking upon my Instagram to saw how terrible people threated Muslims like somekind of pests. We, Muslims don't want it neither of these to happened and we've actually are the victim of black-goating scenario...I am sick of this nonsense, we should bind together to create the world that all of us can happily lived then yet again devils never stop their feet to chase innocents. Maybe the end IS near, even narrower and I couldn't imagine what would happen of it. I am stand to not only Muslims but for us being supportive, not spreading hate on each other that could startle the war. Be on helpful or motivation isn't enough and we needed more than that...we need tolerance, gratitude and care. All want to say is those who are wanted to ripped these peace between humanity, are the greatest fearer of god itself. Humans are vulnerable yet fragile, only love can conquer power itself.
Ending the day with an extra edit Though she is a model, actress and mom...she still nails my heart with that hammer she brought by playing as the one and only Wonder Woman. Truly work of art here and by
She is my Wonder Woman, forever and always...
Rotten Tomatoes had certified Wonder Woman as Fresh DCEU standalone movie?!! #mindblown #yass Watch Wonder Woman at any cinemas June 2nd worldwide * * * #movieoftheyear #movieofalltime #oscarnomination #winner #love
I felt alive... This movie deserved an applause for such an entertainment since decades of superhero films, this movie is all about humanity really are from the first place and how it evolved to our era. A masterpiece is what I called for this one..amazing director, cast of enchanting actors, great plots and every inch of it are perfect to watch. I will tell this bravely...this movie have to be on Oscar nominations and win for best among best. Go watch Wonder Woman at cinemas on June 2nd worldwide!!
"Merajut Tubuh" Aku tegak melihat ini Rajutan demi rajutan Raga telah berseri Patahan demi patahan Seketika diriku berbaring Rasa akan menjerit Air mata berusaha saling Melewati parit hati Mengenaskanlah aku Bagian-bagianku jauh Tak dapat raih diriku Tuhan..cincanglah separuh Ibaku terhadap dunia ciptaanMu Agar manusia sadar mereka rapuh Bukan hanya merajut tubuh daku
Be this for valuable message...no matter how separated we were, us will bind together at certainties #prayformanchester ❤️ #wearestrong #godalwayswithus #lovenohate #humanitystand
Yesterday was fun!!
Spirit Up!!!!!!! بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
Be A Good Mother That You Borned To Be..
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