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Wish this would be a Remarkable first step.. #book #fantasy #novel
Coming Soon...
Weird but that is what I am..
No words can realize the relationship of friends because boundaries never been as kin and warm as others feels it...thank you for being such family of mine, guys Your dearest friend
Never hide what was meant to be beautiful
Here from now on...
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Let me break this down!! First, we knew that Gal Gadot will reprise as the iconic DCEU girl power house, Wonder Woman and she great at it. Second, her standalone movie are coming out soon but since every possible spoilers have been leaked throughout the internet. Last but not least, paparazzi and critiques always do their "job" to tell everyone about upcoming movies, especially DCEU movies, they just makes them look like rubbish but it doesn't. So you who read this, please let those critical word don't bother you to bought ticket for the movies you like...these are their masterpiece and they done it because they had kind purpose, to entertain your heart for the movie industry...please, art is part of our life then we have to cherish and respect them for creating such amazing empire of entertainment P.S. Don't forget to watch Wonder Woman this summer;)
Blooming Nature Photo by: Izaz Ahlanda Putra
Sun now asleep, Moon then awake
Can't wait to watch this movie with a cup of tea and biscuit #beautyandthebeast #disney #2017 #love #magical #wonderful #excited
He always nearby #allahuakbar #moslem #grateful #love
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Now we changing directions and I'll never forget ya..
It will never be the same AGAIN this year...somethings have the time to change and it is right now...thank you for all the blessing, May Allah always guide and light us upon the way P.S. Ignore the "popping heads" LOL
May time call upon to us again...
It's a dream come true
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