Izaz Ahlanda Putra

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He always nearby #allahuakbar #moslem #grateful #love
@ judicial comity
Now we changing directions and I'll never forget ya..
It will never be the same AGAIN this year...somethings have the time to change and it is right now...thank you for all the blessing, May Allah always guide and light us upon the way P.S. Ignore the "popping heads" LOL
May time call upon to us again...
It's a dream come true
The Big Daddy
When the ladies are sleeping and you wake up early#cats #kitten #sleep #love #cute
Two of incredible figures in my life...well, indeed today is mother's day anniversary but everyday for me are special because I can get a chance to see their smile everyday... Happy Parents Day everday:-)
We welcomed you with warm hearts Welcome, Sweet Pea
Welcome to Facerig
"We're bad guys, it's what we do.." XOXO Harley Quinn
Sepertinya itu kue yang enak atau dia yang bikin enek... #squadgoals #foe #backstabbingbitch
Alhamdulillah May Allah bless us all with kindness...Amin
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