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Be this for valuable message...no matter how separated we were, us will bind together at certainties #prayformanchester ❤️ #wearestrong #godalwayswithus #lovenohate #humanitystand
Yesterday was fun!!
Spirit Up!!!!!!! بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
Be A Good Mother That You Borned To Be..
Bubur Kacang Ijo+Susu+Keju=Mantab Jiwa
Part 2
Part 1
This is your day, sister!! Happy Birthday to you and wish all the blessing in the world that you ever had.. Be a sakinah mawaddah warrahmah family that you always dreamed of WE LOVE YOU, SISTER
It's a long way, but silence turn itself from the truthfully possession I was lost in the moment thought this is it But the light never fades from the highlights Now, have to get up then run Following what have been left out And I know someday, forevermore I am the real possession
I couldn't and maybe never gave anything for wonder, but instead wonder gave me dozens of everything
WE DID IT, GUYS!!!!! I am very hyped for us got throughout a wonderful life together, but the best part are ahead of us...they say people come and go as the clock passes by and that were the special thing about this short living, so thanks for sharing them to many others Goodbyes are the start of everything...Goodbyes to us all :)
"Merangkul Senja" Senja pun melahirkan titisannya Mereka para cahaya di bumi Batang usia tak merana lagi Kini makhluk kecil tumbuh dewasa ***** Bagai tuhan memberi karunia Sekelopak jiwa mereka pergi Menyusuri hempasnya rasa Oh sayang memang sepi Melihatnya jinjit jari kakinya ***** Kini hampir tamat ukiran mereka Sedikit sudah memento haru Yang dibutuhkan akan berkaca Bahwa mereka telah hidup Demi merangkul senja
Wish this would be a Remarkable first step.. #book #fantasy #novel
Coming Soon...
Weird but that is what I am..
No words can realize the relationship of friends because boundaries never been as kin and warm as others feels it...thank you for being such family of mine, guys Your dearest friend
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