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'You can have anything you want, IF YOU DRESS FOR IT' - Edith Head ⬜ Facebook: Stephen Joss Twitter: @itsStephenJoss ➖➖➖C L A S S I C _ S H A R P ➖➖➖

I walk slowly but i never walk backward. 👀
"Keep your head up and be confident." 🌹
There's nothing you can't do. Yesterday had been so amazing doing photoshoots with my bro @denzeltierra who brought his camera and took some shoots that made me feel loved. ❤
Real men rock pink 💋👏
Rainy days got me like bored all the times. 😟
Ma brotha from anotha motha. 😒😂
Tuesday morning feels. ❤ @dinzil__00 😱
Celebrating my friend's 18th birthday. I am so lucky to dance you in your 18th roses 😂 😍😘 @mheavenvs
What it feels like having a rough day 🌞💦
Maybe we should hangout sometimes 😂😂
Distressed denim on a ripped jeans. 👕👖
With this beautiful young lady @hazelsalmerz 😂😂
Sup y'all 🙈
My sista from anotha motha. 😅🍍
Black bomber 🎸🎸
It's a tb photo from our individual recitation last year. 👔👕👖
Dirty Mirror. 😉
I've been waiting for this so much long and tiredness reflects upon my face. 😱
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