Joss Stephen

'You can have anything you want, IF YOU DRESS FOR IT' - Edith Head ✖ Facebook: Stephen Joss Twitter: @itsStepheJoss ➖➖➖C L A S S I C _ S H A R P ➖➖➖

Maybe we should hangout sometimes 😂😂
Distressed denim on a ripped jeans. 👕👖
With this beautiful young lady @hazelsalmerz 😂😂
Sup y'all 🙈
My sista from anotha motha. 😅🍍
Black bomber 🎸🎸
It's a tb photo from our individual recitation last year. 👔👕👖
Dirty Mirror. 😉
I've been waiting for this so much long and tiredness reflects upon my face. 😱
11th grade accomplished 😅
Coloured top for yesterday's 👕👖
Just doing me 😊
Needed a new one 🖕
I look good in this picture. 👀
Brothers and sisters 😙
Had fun 😘💑
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