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Happy Birthday King Zulu '18, Bro. Brent Washington, Sr. #HailZulu #ZuluLove
We regret to announce that our headline act, Fantasia has had to cancel tonight's scheduled performance. In her absence we have replaced Fantasia with Bell, Biv, Devoe (BBD) of the super group New Edition and Tank. Stay tuned for further updates throughout the day Naaman Stewart President
TBT, 2017 King Zulu, Adonis C Expose, & Queen Zulu, Donna Glapion. No words needed!!! #fadetoblack #zululove
All attendees (all who enter the Coronation) are required to adhere to the Coronation Policy! 2018 Zulu Coronation Ball Policy All men are required to wear a Black Tuxedo ( any color accessories) All ladies are required to wear Floor Length Gowns. This will be strictly enforced!!! Zulu members must wear black Tuxedo tails with all white accessories, Black and Gold Ribbon with their Zulu Medallion at all times... zuluball2018 #zulu #mardigras2018
Today!!! Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc. of New Orleans will host a FREE Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Mega Mixer/Networking event on today, January 31st, 2018 from 6p to 9p. This Mega Mixer is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and decision-makers from around the region. It is the fulfillment of the Zulu organization vision to be the catalyst for: Consumer’s connection to local/quality businesses, and Small businesses building/collaborating on a much higher scale. Specials for Zulu member business owners FREE STATE BUSINESS INCORPORATION FOR STARTUPS (does not include state fees) Corporate job fair, some hiring on the spot WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? Business Marketing & Exposure Broaden Your Clientele Engage Business Mentors Business Networking THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS, FREE REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE Music provided by DJ Kool Breeze To RSVP or For more information call 404.421.9942 or 504.940.8964
Tuesday, February 6th
🖤💛🗣‼️ COME ONE COME ALL‼️🗣 Please join us for the 2018 👏🏾 ZULU MAIDS EXTRAVAGANZA !!!👏🏾🗣💛🖤 #zululove
Zulu Official Limited Edition 2018 Mardi Gras Poster is ON SALE NOW!!!! We would like everyone to “Keep it 💯” so with that, Get Your Posters Now from the Zulu Memorabilia Shop on Broad Street in New Orleans, La for $100 (While Supplies Last). #NolaArt #FirstFemaleArtist #BluMagnolia #2018ZuluMardiGrasPoster #LimitedEdition #Zulu2018 @harmanishante @zulusap1909 @sabukrewe
Welcome to the ZuluLand!!! #Untouchables #ZuluLove Zulu Characters Zulu King Elect 2018 - Brent D. Washington, Sr. Unlike any of the other New Orleans carnival krewes, the Zulu King is elected. Other krewes appoint their King and Queens, while the Zulu process includes a campaign to earn votes.Campaigning and the parties to secure votes are as much fun as carnival itself. The remaining Zulu Characters are also elected and includes the Big Shot, who tries to upstage the King. Zulu Big Shot 2018 - John Gourrier, Jr. The "Big Shot" of Africa was created by one of our deceased members, Mr. Paul E. Johnson in the early 1930´s. The "Big Shot" outshines the King. (The term outshine was used in the earlier days which meant to look better than someone else in competition.) The "Big Shot" is the man behind the throne. No one can see the King without seeing the "Big Shot" first. Zulu Witch Doctor 2018 - Kevin Guidry The "Witch Doctor" was one of the first characters of Zulu. In Zulu's ancestral land of Africa, the witch doctor is referred to a sorcerer, prophet, or shamanistic healer, someone who heals through magical powers. Zulu's "Witch Doctor" prays to the Gods for the safety and good health for our King and the members. He also prays for good weather for our activities. For the lucky few who receives the "Golden Nugget" at the parade, thank the "Witch Doctor". Zulu Ambassador 2018 - Merlin Jackson The "Ambassador" character was created in the 1970's. The "Ambassador" is Zulu's ranking government diplomat in "foreign lands" and his role is to represent Zulu in all matters of the state. When an audition with the King is essential, talk to the "Ambassador", because "When you talk to the ‘Ambassador, you're talking to the King". Zulu Mayor 2018 - Rodney P. Mason, Jr. The "Mayor" character was created in the 1970's. The "Mayor" is the chief magistrate responsible for the daily affairs of the King in Zululand. "Whatever the King needs, the ‘Mayor' will make it happen". Zulu Province Prince 2018 - Patrick C. Smith The Province Prince character was created in the early 1970's by Brother Milton Bienamee. This character was to represent the most senior K
Congratulations to our Zulu Member, Bro. Don Lawhorn, who is currently reigning as King IV of the krewe of Athena. #HailKingOfAthena #ZuluLove
Presenting the 2018 Zulu Maids from this past Sunday King-Elect Church Service. The Dazzling 22! #HailZulu #ZuluLove #ZuluDazzling22 @obydesign
Presenting the 2018 Zulu Maids from this past Sunday King-Elect Church Service. The Dazzling 22! #HailZulu #ZuluLove #ZuluDazzling22 @obydesign
Shout out to Bro. Dennis Byrd on the special delivery today! He made it happen. The shipping company was telling us Tuesday before we could receive the container. Zulu Coconuts in the store right now. #zululove @black_byrd504
When you think about Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Inc., you should think of greatness in the Urban Community. With that we would like to introduce to some, announce to others a very special brother: An American film director, producer, writer, and actor. His production company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, has produced over 35 films since 1983. He made his directorial debut with She's Gotta Have It (1986), and has since directed such films as Do the Right Thing (1989), Malcolm X (1992), The Original Kings of Comedy (2000), 25th Hour (2002), Inside Man (2006), and most recently Chi-Raq (2015). This actor has also acted in ten of his own films. His movies have examined race relations, colorism in the black community, the role of media in contemporary life, urban crime and poverty, and other political issues. He has received two Academy Award nominations, a Student Academy Award and an Academy Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and won numerous other awards, including two Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, an honorary BAFTA Award, an Honorary César and the 2013 Gish Prize. Yes, you have guessed correctly! Th one and only Spike Lee has been selected to serve in this monumental capacity as the 2018 Zulu Parade Honorary Celebrity Grand Marshall.
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