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Getting lost on a snow-covered Sunday walk with @carafayeearl and @jorgensenstoneware 📸: Cara
The snow being slowly pushed of the roof from its own weight and curving into this beautiful form in front of @tinyscissors photos #saturdaystudio #windowhappenings
Snow glorious snow
Excerpt of a new work, Welcome To Jungle Florida (2018) . . Uses footage from my time in Miami 6 months ago. Cape fabricated by @favyfav 😍 Narrated by @thesanitarynapkin and text by the Florida Man 😬 . Will be exhibited in May at @kalaartinstitute
Snow hiking
Just another day at 8000ft above sea level
Clamps clamps clamps
Later Denver!!!!!! Huge thanks to @favyfav and @joluloff for all the hospitality and to meeting new peeps. Off to Aspen aka Snowmass Village
Reunited with @favyfav
Later Berkeley/Oakland! Thanks @kalaartinstitute for everything! On the road again 😬
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