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Contact: DM or yawchannel@outlook.com. Seb liked/commented 2x! Watch the Tribute Video to Steve & Bucky featuring Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Attention to the lyrics. This scene LITERALLY said they wouldn't be together in the future. Some scenes later Bucky fall off the train. This is deep. #CaptainAmerica #TheFirstAvenger @imsebastianstan @marvelstudios
If you think he's a villain... You watched the wrong movie.
A little reminder from @imsebastianstan to all of you. 🎥 @cnbcinternational
Do it. You're human.
Source: IMDB. A police detective reconnects with people from an undercover assignment in her distant past in order to make peace. #DestroyerMovie
Following the #CaptainAmerica : #TheFirstAvenger 7 years celebration, I wanna talk about #stevebucky . That connection between each other is the main plot of the movie. Not only in TFA, but the whole CA Trilogy. This is beautiful cause Steve and Bucky really know each other, they'll protect their backs, fight for each other and love each other. A lot. When Steve was struggling, Bucky got him. When Bucky was struggling, Steve got him. This is not a relationship like others. It's different. That's the reason why we love them. Cause we know they would do the same for us.
Can we start to live right now? #FerrariMusicVideo #ITonya
@boss : #SummerOfEase 1: Harbour with @imsebastianstan and @chico_lachowski. © 2018 Surefire Film.
Yes, a 40's song to describe #stevebucky . I have one in my mind. 😀 😁
Haters will say it's fake
Every editor has a classic video. I did this cause I was inspired when I watched #YoungAndBeautiful by @lanadelrey for Steve & Peggy. I just figured out it fits with #stevebucky too. So I did my own version. And I'm happy you guys are enjoying it! If you wanna watch it, the link is in my bio. 😃😘
Another interesting scene in #CaptainAmerica : #TheFirstAvenger . When Steve is on the top of the car, is EXACTLY how Bucky was in TWS. And it's ironic what you can read at the "shield": The red star saying "Lucky Star Car Company".... Guess who's the Red Star here?
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