Yara (يارا‎) Shahidi

We don't integrate, we recreate #WeTooAreAmerica .

24 years ago, this classic was shared with the world #Illmatic 🙌🏽
Proud sister moments: @lilmanshahidi broke his first board in Master Cooper’s Tang Soo Do class ✨ Black belt/ blue belt/ new belt #blackboyjoy #BlackMentorsmatter
Dancing into festival season with some of my favorites from @Teva 💃🏽 #strapintofreedom #ad
So super excited to announce our @eighteenx18 content partnership with @nowthisnews ⚡️✨ we’re bringing you a video series, Snapchat series + more as we inform and educate ourselves for Midterm elections ⚡️#wevotenext #eighteenx18
Wowowow! Truly amazed at how the universe is able to connect artists across art forms❣️ honored to be illustrated by @richardwilsonartwork
In less than a week, we’ve been reminded that Black people are being persecuted for merely existing. Across the nation, public spaces are synonymous with white spaces and our presence is considered “loitering” or a “public disturbance” . We fight for Butchie Yarber, unarmed and shot 30 times in a Walmart parking lot in California. We fight for the right to equity in all spaces we occupy, including Starbucks. We fight so that we can dissipate the ever-lingering fear of arrest and police brutality. We fight for accountability. We fight for change #BlacklivesMatter
It’s all in the details (Swipe) ✨ Fashion is inherently political and I’m proud to pay homage to leader Angela Davis and serve as a reminder of the work we have to do to de-criminalize public perception of black and brown bodies - we deserve to do more than survive, but thrive.
What a fantastic morning! Grateful to be in conversation amongst thought leaders and game changers ⚡️ #takeaction
It’s only natural to cheese extra hard when standing next to a visionary @royluwolt ✨ had a dream of a day wearing/ discussing/ celebrating the innovation of @malonesouliers x @emanuelungaroparis with @matchesfashion
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