“always be grateful. XO is forever” - @TheWeeknd 🎰 Abel liked 7/2, 6/17 & 4/30 #LongLiveJahseh 💙🕊

[sound on 🔈] Legit my reaction 😂😏 . I totally saw this coming. She gave us some hints before XO even knew Abel was going to Japan. Remember those Kiss Land lyrics she quoted on her pic 4 days ago? “Last day of work... see u nxt szn” and “SUMMERRRRRR!!!! 💙” Yup. 😉 @TheWeeknd @BellaHadid . Original video from @HoodClips via @TheKingknd . . #theweeknd #bellahadid #abella #xo #kissland
Just like I already predicted and expected 💁🏻‍♀️ Peep that limited edition MDM vest tho 👀 Get it while you still can from his online store 🔥🔥🔥 @TheWeeknd @BellaHadid 🔁 @bellahnews . . #theweeknd #bellahadid #xo #abella #theweekndjapan
😁 I love this!!! PARIS 🇫🇷 x TOKYO 🇯🇵 Thank you @girlbornin94xo and @rezafahim @TheWeeknd || #KissLandMatters . . #theweeknd #kissland #xo #theweekndjapan
Today in Histxory: On July 20, 2014, Abel dropped King of the Fall on SoundCloud and our lives would never be the same... #ALLADEMSWALLOW @TheWeeknd || #KingOfTheFall . . #theweeknd #kingofthefall #kotf #xo #abelxo #allahdemswallow
I did a double-take 🤯😂😍 Young Kin Kane reppin XO in his @RootsCanada x @OfficialIssueXO jacket 😎 Edit: @abelasacartoon || @theweeknd . . #theweeknd #xo #abeltesfaye #officialissuexo #rootsxxo #kinkane #rootsxojacket
Memento Mori 💀🥀 Fresh edit by @ThnWeeknd 🔥🔥🔥 If you think this is dope, TAG @TheWeeknd & @MementoMori.Radio . . #theweeknd #mementomori #mementomoriradio #abeltesfaye #xotwod
[UPDATE July 20 6:00 pm PST: Abel CONFIRMED my speculations and posted to his story a few hours ago that he IS NOW in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵‼️‼️‼️‼️] So I heard Abel might be going to Japan (aka Abel’s Kiss Land inspiration) sometime very soon (or maybe is already en route) 💚 I might be super late (don’t @ me if so 😂) on this news but I’ve been too busy to scroll IG to try to find out who if anyone has been posting about the crew talking about going there, except some posts I saw from my sleuth @letsgo_xo. . @rezafahim and @lamarctaylor gave hints about their Japan plans on Reza’s recent post, and @brooklynbrand posted he is/was on a jet not too long ago. . @bellahadid just posted she’s taking a summer break from work so maybe she might be tagging along with Abel if he goes? I threw in some pics from Abella’s trip to Japan together in 2016 💚💚💚 . If @TheWeeknd IS going to Japan, WHY??? I hope it’s for music inspiration even though he’s in a completely different headspace than his Kiss Land era days. He’s tweeted about how fond he is of Japan so who knows. If you’ve actually read this far, tell me what you think is up with all this in the comments! . . #theweeknd #kissland #kisslandmatters #theweekndjapan #abella #bellahadid #xo
Some of my favorite XO tattoos... there are a lot more where these came from—I’ll be posting more and I’m also taking submissions. Do you have one or want one? What do you have or want to get and where? @TheWeeknd Photo owners are tagged . . #theweeknd #xo #xotattoo #xotattoos #theweekndtattoo #xofans #theweekndfans
It’s been a month since you physically left us. It feels like just yesterday you were right here warming our hearts and making our lives happier with your crazy sense of humor, encouraging speeches, your charitable acts, and your dope ass music. But it also feels like an eternity has already passed without you here. You will be forever missed Jahseh. Fly with the angels and keep comforting us with your sweet spirit. I pray justice for what they did to you will be served in due time. Your energy continues to speak to me and keeps me calm. #LongLiveJahseh 👼🏾💙🕊 @xxxtentacion #ripxxxtentacion 🔁 @youngdaggertits . . #xxxtentacion #jahsehonfroy #LLJ #RIPX #badvibesforever
Don’t you hate it when the wheels on your Bella are stuck... 🙄😂 Abel is definitely a meme 🤣 🔁 @abelisameme || @TheWeeknd @BellaHadid . . #theweeknd #bellahadid #abeltesfaye #abella #xo #theweekndmemes #xotilweoverdose
“Pretty” behind the madness continues...💚 Here’s some footage of @TheWeeknd performing “Pretty” at Berkeley’s Greek Theater on September 13, 2013 (Cred: The Weeknd Blog on YouTube; @tweetsbytheweeknd ) . . #theweeknd #xo #abelxo #kissland #kisslandtour #kisslandmatters #kisslandfalltour
#TheWeeknd employed a unique way to get fans excited about Kiss Land and his fall 2013 tour: Kiss Land condoms! 😳😂 . He gave out the limited edition condoms to fans that “got lucky” during his Kiss Land Fall Tour stops. The condoms were packaged in sleeves with various Kiss Land graphics, and some of them also had Kiss Land stickers on the wrappers. They were/are a collector’s item for sure!!! . Here’s an article from the Miami New Times about Abel’s sexy promotion: . September 26, 2013: Welcome to The Weeknd's Kiss Land. It is a glitteringly cold, irreversibly twisted, bleakly sexy netherworld where we're "all faded off the wrong thing" and we "gotta pay with [our bodies]." You know, a lot like Miami. There is a "room where the kisses ain't free." (But the Adderall cocktails come complimentary.) And the clubs are just crawling with strippers and groupies who'll tweak and stroke and yank you like a slot machine that can't stop puking dollar bills. So, uh, yeah ... You're gonna need some condoms. But who doesn't need a little protection? Because while you might be an "unshackled boy," as the Weeknd tweets, "unrestrained to touch, so immune to love" ... You definitely aren't immune to STDs or unplanned pregnancy. So it's real good news that the Weeknd has hooked up with One Condoms to "make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste." The official hype reads: This fall, when loyal fans pack concert venues on his 34-date tour, they'll be treated to more than The Weeknd's emotionally powerful lyrics and sounds, thanks to an innovative new partnership with ONE® Condoms. ONE, the leading specialty brand of premium condoms in North America, today announced customized condoms featuring tour logos and artwork from The Weeknd's latest album, "Kiss Land." The condoms will be distributed as giveaways at various venues on the tour. Now, we asked the Weeknd and One Condoms rep Steve how exactly a "loyal fan" might score some of these limited-edition prophylactics at this Saturday's Miami tour stop. "The condoms are given away at the show, they are not being sold," Steve assures us, adding, "They are handed out during a particular time of the concert, (cont’d in comments)
I couldn’t resist adding the music to this beautiful photo... “and you will never feel so pretty, and you will never feel this beautiful...” @TheWeeknd 💚 @BellaHadid . . #theweeknd #bellahadid #abella #kissland #kisslandmatters #xo #oxcy
💚😍 Bella just quoted @TheWeeknd ’s “Pretty” lyrics on her recent photo... maybe she’s on her way to Abel as we speak. I think he might be in Hawaii with @CashXO and @TravisScott , but I’m not sure... If so, how romantic 😭 . . #theweeknd #bellahadid #abella #xo #abeltesfaye #bella #kissland
Last night Abel posted on IG that he was in the studio with renowned producer @TheRealMikeDean. Whether Abel was recording with Mike or was just there to listen to a session for @TravisScott ’s upcoming album, we have yet to find out. Mike is one of the GOATs, so I hope they were working on new music together for Abel’s next project, release date and name TBD. . This video by @TheWeekndHell contains only part of the extended outro for “Tell Your Friends,” from @TheWeeknd ’s Beauty Behind The Madness album. Although the extended outro wasn’t placed on the album, Mike put it on SoundCloud. He also produced “Where You Belong” for Abel in 2015. . Mike is a talented hip-hop record producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Houston, working in the music industry since 1983. Besides Abel and Travis, he has worked with greats like @2Pac , @SelenaQofficial , @Madonna , Jay Z, @Beyonce , Kanye West, @Migos , @2Chainz , @KidCudi , Tha Dogg Pound, Tech N9ne, Scarface, UGK, Nas, AND MORE 😂 (source: Wikipedia) . . #theweeknd #xo #mikedean #beautybehindthemadness #bbtm #tellyourfriends
WICKED GAME‼️😂 Pick an era Abel to play and tell me your choice in the comments! . ℹ️ Comic Con San Diego starts this Thursday... do you think Abel will be there for Starboy Comic? 🤔 @TheWeeknd . 🔁 @marwanateff via @StarboyComic . . #theweeknd #xo #starboy #starboycomic #wickedgames #nintendo #theweekndedits
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