V 🥀

An intellectual and a moron

Remember when it was nice outside
A best friend, a soulmate, a light that won’t go out. I’ll always find my way back to you. I love you
V and Fiona in the big city ❣️
Glad that the sun is back in my life
I didn’t get to enjoy the perfect weather today because I was studying, but at least the campus was really pretty on my way home
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Happy heart 💗
I love this super cute vintage valentine I found for Johnny 💝
Last night was the last Friday night drag show at the Dock 💔 the only 18+ drag shows in Cincinnati were here and I’m so sad that it’s over. R.I.P
Cuteness incarnated 🤩
Hammy ham ham
A throwback with my love 💖
This picture is so neat to me. My great grandma, grandma, and grandfather ✨
Why do I always get sick when I need to study for a test? 🤧
This is what most of my days actually look like 😅
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