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from the coolest of dimmensions. love & light. New York to the A baby.

“chica en la cima del mundo” an acrylic self portrait 🍒⭐️ i believe this is one of my simplest pieces yet it took me forevaaa to complete. everytime i do a self portrait i feel like i discover & learn something new about myself, sometimes its hard to accept the new dimensions that open up to you and many times i wanted to give up on this piece but i’m proud to add this to the collection of thoughts i brought to life & there are many more on the way. with love -ZEN
me selling two art pieces today , fuck you talking bout bong bong bong show em how we doooooo
💙 i don’t need no new friends i just want the blue bands 💙
“aesthetic honey, let me take a pichaaa” i kid u not.
nothing really phases me anymore. i know what i want from myself and from life and because my mind is so set on my DREAM nothing that she he it says can alter my tunnel vision, you feel? I’m empowering and touching everyone that enters my life, and if i don’t do so what am i really doing? ya be trying to put people down but never assimilate the fact that people need water to their roots. we all need to grow.
confidence, eye think i know who she is. 🍯🍫⭐️
do da dash 🖤🔫⭐️
my glock psychic cause she get her palm red ‼️🍒💯⭐️
“Pool at the End of the World” 💕🌸💐 behold another sharpie sketch! soon you’ll find out why i’m using all the bold lines ☺️⭐️ #blackgirl #flower #stars #justchill #dreads #tea
So I decided to take a little break from acrylic paintings and go back to da og sketch book drawings ⭐️✨❣️this is a 15 min sketch called “Long Talks” and there’s no specific meaning behind it but I do want to sprinkle some black girl magic and self empowerment on ya, you feeeel☺️? #art #blackgirlmagic #poetry #love #wematter
damn baby i love life
how to love a girl 🐉🕊🖤
“The Falling Society” [Acrylic] ⭐️I enjoyed creating this for you cuz⭐️ @070phi_ ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏽 end the repeated cycles. destroy the societal institutions to see us fail. accept our skin, our melanin, our magic.
i always wanted to throw a lil house parti, ill be the dj spinning hella house music vinyls , on some 90s type of vibe. i want eerryyybodi to move their feet and groove and love and smile and enjoy life. just a random thought.
update: yurrrrrrr, i’m super excited bc im going shopping rn, NO MEAT NO DAIRY NO ANIMALS NO GMOs ju heard, new lyfestyle 😭💕 #veganway
had to throw on sum a lil cozi for this flight 🤧 🌹🤞🏽sayonaraaaaa bby
all in. all love. 🖤🤞🏽✨
happy indigenous day, xx 🌹1️⃣
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