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Previously on Chuckle Brothers 👨🏿‍🎤 📷by @chuckzlotnick
Seeing as you’ve asked so nicely Barb! This is a real honour , never thought I’d say this , but I’d like to thank @theacademy... ! #wongof928
Ang Lee , Blessing Ceremony as we embark on our journey. Savannah -Cartagena-Budapest. #geminiman
Cartagena Whirl #geminiman
Previously on @marcopolomp reunion. Dinner with the Song Dynasty. @thomaschaanhing @khenghua @thatoliviacheng @thechinhan #letsseethemjazzhands
Stop look and listen I spit on your grave then I grab my Charles Dickens #period #thenotoriousbig
Someone’s about to get schooled @rickremender ‘s @deadlyclasssyfy @therussobrothers #masterlin
TBT 👨🏿‍🎤it’s all coming back 💎
So thrilled School Term will be beginning soon with these Star Pupils/Teachers @benjamin_wadsworth @lanacondor @thefaria @realliamjames @luke.tennie @mich_duval @siobhan_williams @taylor.hickson @seandepner @jackgillett1 @ericacerra @rickremender @milesorion1 @timives @breukelenmien @ltkrieger From Marvel to DC! thank you @therussobrothers that’s 2 for 2! See you all for Registration ! #DeadlyClass
I’m getting the band back together!
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