Will Malnati

@atwill.media @toro_nyc @toro_bkk @torodubai

carbs are good for you! watch the rest on @oneminutemen
are the 70s ready to come back yet or no. or no ...
there’s an app(erol spritz) for that.
just one slice guys, i’m on a diet
singapore was cool. sound on. directed by @imsebastianstan a @OneMinuteMen production
when ppl say fri-yay i want to punch them but also it makes sense
the met gala but for food and drank
if bill murray can crush a porron @toro_nyc u can crush a porron @toro_nyc
netflix n chill
happy easter from me and my crew
the tax man cometh
monday. 🎥 @wilsonomics
red light special @uniqlousa
guess we drinkin tonight @kenoringer 2018 James Beard Award nomination #BestRestaurateur
after the pasta it’s the after-pasta
was lookin for tom cruise up in there. was impossible
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