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For those who live freely and love wildly 🌿 Photographer of anything love related, and educator with @real.adventure.workshops Website:

I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday. ⚡️☔️ Thanks for soaking up the rain with me Notebook style you two! @kayleejviolet
It would be a crime for me not to first share this image of @murphysarahdawn and @connormcintosh18 from their wedding last weekend! I love these two so much and they’re currently gallivanting all over Italy and Greece 🙌 Thank you both for being such amazing people and for including me in your special day. . . . Second shooter: @homegrownphotographyndesignbyj Coordination: @howie.events Videography: @memory.lane.video.photo Florals: @funkypetalsstalbert Hair/Makeup: @blushartistrymua Dress: @novellebridal DJ: @str84wardentertainmentltd
Uhoh! I’ve gone more than 9 squares without posting a photo of myself, and my buddy @brzph0t0graphy would be very disappointed in me for this! 😂 So here’s one of my all time fav headshots taken by my great friend @carissamariephotography_ ! Today I just want to say that life can be hard, real f’ing hard and what you see on social media isn’t always reality. If you’re currently going through a rough time I encourage you to push through and know that whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger 💪 (yeaaa just like that Kelly Clarkson song...🤦‍♀️). I’ve found over the years that I am more drawn to people who can be honest about how they feel and how their REALLY doing. Why? Well probably because they make me feel less crazy myself 🤣, and I think there’s a lot to be said for someone who isn’t putting on a show acting like everything is perfect. Nobody is perfect - and I know I certainly am so far from being perfect but let’s embrace our imperfectness and just be real and honest with each other. Mkay?! Being honest and perhaps causing some ripples is better than pretending everything’s just fine and dandy when it’s not. Just because you may lose your shit once in a while doesn’t mean you are a bad person. If it did, it’d mean I was the worst person in the world (can you tell I’m currently mid crazy renos while in wedding season craziness??? Haha!!!) Double tap if you agree and comment below if you need to vent about something! No judgement here dudes. 👊👊👊 #realstagram
Working on getting out some teasers today for all my patiently awaiting couples! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I am looking forward to going to the @edmprospects baseball game tonight with my pals and shooting a wedding out of town tomorrow. Oh ya, and our new kitchen appliances came in today. I’ve been staring at them lovingly in the garage however we won’t be able to put them to use for another 6 weeks 😂✨ Babe: @erinmoulton19 😍
Not one, but two posts today! Look at me go. I never know how people keep up with all the social media posting especially in the busy summer months. Not to mention I haven’t blogged since the winter. 🤦‍♀️ Hands up if you’re with me?! On another note, these two are the freaking best and I want to relive this session over and over! Couple in love: @rayaeliz @moods_7 Makeup: @hpmakeupartistry 💄✨
This babe - well she’s likely currently soaking up the rays in Aruba on a beach, sippin’ on some fancy cocktail and spending Q time with her her and shiny hubby @jorgie.r7. ☀️ ✨ Have the best time and enjoy every moment you two! 💕 Mister Jorgie is a lucky fella! Babe: @blondekim03 💄 Makeup by the wonderful: @hpmakeupartistry 🏡 Studio: @homebyblondy
When the rain is about the pour down but you soak up every last second ⚡️☔️ One of my favourite things about my job is that I often find beauty in the most unlikely places. ✨ Handsome groom: @tipsqt
Dayamm. I sure do have some sexy subjects! 😍 @lislle and Nick you two are stunning and I feel so lucky to have been part of this special day. Love you guys and have a blast on your HONEYMOON! Woop woop! 👙👓
Can I get a hell ya to brides & grooms who climb trees and lay in a wild flower field, all for the sake of a good photo?! ✨
From belly to baby 👶 Who out there thinks this little girl’s cuteness factor is through the roof?! @kristabrunelle Always love getting to meet the little babes after photographing their mommy’s tummies.
“Get her. Get her real good!!”These are the things I yell out in my sessions 😂 I’m answering personal or photography related questions on my stories today so fire away friends! ❤️❤️❤️ @rosaleekelly @flashgordon1515
This is my kind of night - campfires, cuddles, s’mores and @wearebrewsters beer! How about you? Are you really a #Canadian if you don’t like these things? 😅🍺❤️ Excited for these two to see their gallery today ✨ @katiezanusso
Hope you’re all on the patio tonight sipping that sweet wine with the one you love @fr3nchz ✨ 🍷 I get the pleasure of having @ashleylazette be my right hand man today at my girl @lislle and Nick’s wedding, and I’m lovin’ it. She keeps calling me queen and I won’t lie - I kinda like it. 🤣❤️
Swipe right to see the cutest couple in action 😆✨💕 @rayaeliz @moods_7 MUA: @hpmakeupartistry #frolickers #frolickyourlifeaway #frolickftw
Hey guys! I can’t wait to splatter Raya and Zac all over your Instagram feeds over this next year - I am obsessed with them and the love they share! Happy belated 30th Zac! You’re frolicking skills are dope and I feel so lucky to be able to get to know you! Thanks for treating my Raya like a princess. For example, the time you carried her out of an insane hill of red ants as they took chunks out of her legs #knightinshiningarmour ❤️ @rayaeliz @moods_7 Also! Huge thanks to @cinderandpinephotography for coming along and helping me at this shoot 💕MUA: @hpmakeupartistry
I figured it was about time for some floral action on my feed! I seriously loved this bouquet done by @calyxfloraldesignrd - just gorgeous! Plus the cool thing is that you can keep those succulents after the wedding and if you’re someone like me who can’t keep a plant alive, they won’t die immediately, which is great news! 🤣 @a.rea22 @wicker4143 Makeup by the amazing: @hpmakeupartistry
It truly is amazing how one day someone walks into your life and then you can’t remember how you ever lived without them in the first place. ✨💕 Hands up if you agree! 🙋‍♀️ @rosaleekelly @flashgordon1515
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