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These upcycled bags are a waste product of the coffee industry ♻️ - link in bio! #WorkNotCharity
Vivienne says “GET A LIFE” - link in bio.
The Get A Life shopper is made out of East African farmer cotton canvas, weaved in Kenya #WorkNotCharity believes in engaging and employing people over fuelling machines. For the #VWSS18 production, old aluminium cans were hand cut and freehand machine embroidered using a decorative stitch #WorkNotCharity
The Beaded Shoulder Bag is embroidered with ceramic beads by 5 local communities; Bega Kwa Bega, Beadcheck, Gil Gil, Olonana and Satubo #WorkNotCharity - Link in bio.
In collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) and , Vivienne Westwood has produced 1,785 bags for #VWSS18 using a total of 87 artisans with 42% of the collection produced using upcycled materials #WorkNotCharity
“I’m so sorry to lose him, he was talented and a friend.” -Vivienne #JudyBlame
5 of Diamonds #VWPackOfCards
5 of Diamonds #VWPackOfCards
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