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The official page of World Heritage listed Fraser Island, QLD, Australia. #visitfraserisland #fraserisland to give us permission to repost.

The pure-silica sand at Lake McKenzie is what gives the beach it's powdery white look and crystal clear blue waters💦. It can also be used to exfoliate your skin and clean your jewellery💍! If you do decide to go swimming🏊‍♀️ in the lake avoid wearing sunscreen as it can damage the delicate ecosystem. 📷 by @ourcollectiveadventure
During the day on Fraser Island, it can be pretty hot which makes the Champagne Pools 🌊 an excellent place to cool off and unwind. 📷 by @sonnen.gekuesst
It's all about the journey and on Fraser Island it's like you have entered an untouched world ❤️️❤️️ ❤️️❤️️ ❤️️❤️️
For your bucket list 📝if you haven't been here you must visit! One of the island’s best-known freshwater lakes. Lake McKenzie’s crystal clear water 💧, white sandy shores makes it the number one spot to visit on Fraser Island.
Lake Allom is a small, attractive lake with a forest backdrop and special inhabitants 🐢🐢🐢turtles. Check out that sky reflection! 📷 by @cartinamarlotta
If you come to Fraser Island, Eli Creek is one of the places you must visit, bring an inflatable and float down the creek out to the ocean. 📷 by @whomax
One of the best places to fish 🐟 is Fraser Island 🏝, not only do they have a number of creeks but their is nothing like the fresh ocean breeze when beach fishing 🎣
Driving through the rainforests on Fraser Island, you have to see it for your own eyes to appreciate the real magic. 📷 by @escape_diaries
No better way to cool 💧 off than at Lake McKenzie! 📷by @travel_with_jessica
Have you visited Happy Valley on your travels on Fraser Island, they have a general store, bar and restaurant. So if your camping, sometimes it's nice to have the night off and let someone else cook for you, who agrees.🙌
The coloured sand cliffs along Fraser Island‘s eastern beach is a key attraction to Fraser island. They have formed over hundreds of thousands of years when minerals leached through the sand and on exposed high sand dunes. Up to 72 different colours, have been found present on Fraser Island with colours being mostly reds and yellows. The Pinnacles is a striking example on Fraser Island where these coloured sands can be viewed.
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, have you anything special planned for today! Are you celebrating on Fraser Island?
Have you explored the sand dunes on Fraser Island? Look at this awesome photo?😎 📷 by @samcaslick
One of the resident dingo's 💗💜on Fraser Island 📷 by @bodhis_photography
Wow look at those colours of Wathumba Creek, on the western side of Fraser Island ❤️️.📷 by @escape_diaries
Now this is how to spend the weekend! Relaxing and enjoying the tranquillity. 📷 by @madelynrosephotography
The SS Maheno Shipwreck is one of those must see destinations when visiting Fraser Island 🌴. You can get some amazing 😮 photos at Sunrise if your there nice and early.
Dip your toe into the frothy waters of Fraser Island’s Champagne Pools. There is nothing like lounging in natures swimming pool as the waves crash over the rocks and fizzle towards you. 📷@clareeburkett
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