“TECHNICOLOR 2” collaborative artworks c/o @takashipom & i june 22nd @gagosian
fitting 3 collections at once, in 3 different studios... resort women’s @off____white ™ in-progress
“only built 4 ceramic links” @louisvuitton
“office space”
“the architect of it all”
“IN MY MIND”, where my heads at. incredibly surreal this week will be, so many words but a million more ideas. in honor of all those that came before me the spirit of why i love fashion period and why i love the savoir faire of @louisvuitton is in this very image. #verylouisvuitton
@takashipom & i “TECHNICOLOR 2” @gagosian june 22nd 4-8pm “???”
paid tuition here to learn how to design buildings and ended up screen printing t-shirts up the block @iitarchitecture
“cady got bandz”
@takashipom & i sketching on the same napkin and never sleeping = our new distressed works exhibiting at @Gagosian Paris June 22nd.
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