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you know, her life was saved by rock n roll

Leonardo DiCaprio in the 70s with his parents.
That 70s Show (1998-2006) via. @90sburkhaurt 🦋
Almost Famous, 2000 The original title for Almost Famous was actually Untitled, however Dreamworks would not allow this, so Cameron Crowe called the DVD bootleg edition Untitled instead.
“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” Robin Williams, 1999 Photographed by Harry Langdon
Beetlejuice (1988) The title character in Beetlejuice only has 17 minutes of screen time. Michael Keaton only spent two weeks filming his part, yet he has said time and time again that Beetlejuice is one of his favorite films to date.
Keanu Reeves by Michael Ochs, 1987
Ella Fitzgerald singing at Mr. Kelly’s, Chicago, 1958, photos by Yale Joel
Sara Gilbert & Drew Barrymore in ‘Poison Ivy’ (1992)
what was the last film you watched? 🎥⭐️
happy birthday to my favourite - and undeniably the cutest - beatle 💓love you paul thanks for everything⭐️🦋🍒 (pls explain what is happening on your instagram soon)
High Society, 1956 dir. Charles Walters
“I don't think I'm going to be at all famous. I don't think I could handle it. I'd probably go mad, do you know what I mean? I would go mad.”- Amy Winehouse my hearttt💖💗💓💔💔💔 :(( i love her so much.
The Rolling Stones during the "Between the Buttons" cover session at Primrose Hill  in London, 1966. Photos by Gered Mankowitz
“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” - The New York City pride parade Photographed by Bettye Lane, June, 1979
“Shots from unused footage for Jaws (1975) from the second victim Alex. The scene shot here was much more gory and violent and was ultimately taken out for the less intense scene seen in the movie.”
Silver Linings Playbook (2012) dir. David O. Russell
Tupac Shakur photographed by Michel Haddi on April 23rd, 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Happy Birthday Pac❤️
David Bowie with his wife Angie and their son Zowie at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, February 1974.
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