Viki Rutsch

Summer lovin’
Dog days...
🐬 in southold bay
Oh that time #sergenormant did suko’s hair... the best and biggest ❤️ thanks for making our day! xo Suko and Viki
and the donuts too...
Wickham’s Fruit Farm now it’s summer 🌈
Diego Bey 14 today! ❤️
Happy birthday
Ordering bulbs planting seeds garden mapping spring 🌷☀️ soon come!
How much is that doggy...
With slime
This is a tween scene
This is tween
April in ...
Old friends new friends
Driving to the bottom of the earth...
Dead Sea
Monfort Galilee ❤️🇮🇱
Israeli beauty
Mont forte
Kziv river
Upper Galilee
Israeli Porcupine quills and flower fields
#no guns.
The messy balance of chaos
Slime fascination
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