Ryan Reynolds

I can't feel your legs.

“Rise and shine Princess, we have a premiere to get to”. God, I love this fan art by @_doaly May 18th. Get tickets now. (Link in bio)
90 percent of success is showing up. #Peter
Our final trailer! Please enjoy the thoughtful, layered construction of Deadpool's Interconnected Cinematic Kaleidoscope. Click bio for FULL trailer and TICKETS! (Exclamation marks)
Researching boarding schools today.
Truth is, I love @pink - unconditionally. Link in bio for details. 💖
I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.
Deadpool 2. Falling somewhere between Godfather 2 and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. (Link in bio)
Early prototype for the Green Lantern mask. People could tell it was an old tissue, so we went with a CGI version.
I own nothing in this photo. Except that gin company. @aviationgin
One of the best parts of playing the Big Red Jackass is welcoming @makeawishamerica and @childrenswishfoundation onto set. Deadpool kicked Cancer in the taint, but these kids do it for real every day. These foundations make dreams come true for a lot of of super-brave kids. They also make dreams come true for parents, who just wanna see their kid smile. HUGE thanks to our Prop Master, Dan Sissons, for making sure every kid left with his/her own sword. (Bamboo versions. Not stabby-stabby versions.) 🇨🇦⚔️
Ten minutes in to writing an email to my mom, when I realized there was no phone in my hand.
I baked this cake for my wife. The icing is glue, ‘cause I’m not a scientist.
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