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Ocean Liners were organised spaces which reflected social hierarchies. First-class spaces were found in the centre of the ship – the most comfortable and stable areas, while third-class passengers were segregated in the lower decks, close to the noisy engine room. Our new interactive reveals how first-, second- and third-class passengers lived, slept, wined and dined on board the Aquitania, one of the most elegant ocean liners. Click the link in bio ☝️☝️and pretend you’re on board a liner🚢! #oceanliners
Can you guess which city is depicted in this 1615 painting called "The Ommegang"? It is Museum Week this week and today’s theme is #CityMW . Follow us on Twitter for more!
Let the sunshine in... and celebrate with us the abolition of censorship - our #VAPerformanceFestival is on until 29 April. . The opening of the hippy musical Hair was delayed to avoid censorship. When it opened in London in 1968, the day right after censorship was abolished, many were angered by scenes containing nudity, drug-taking and the desecration of the American flag on stage as a anti-war message at the height of the Vietnam conflict. The show was a smash hit!
‘This V&A show will change the way you think about fashion forever.’ @refinery29uk #FashionedfromNature . Now open. Book tickets - link in bio.
Tag someone who you think could pull off this Paul Smith suit! Join our upcoming Weekend Course and explore changing attitudes across the ages and into the future through our diverse collection of #menswear . Link in bio.
Happy Earth Day! You’ll never guess what material this dress is made of.. Today is all about raising awareness of plastic pollution, and understanding the ways we can reduce it – we couldn’t be more on board! This beautiful dress from H&M's 2012 Conscious Collection is actually made from plastic bottles recovered from oceans and waterways! See it up close in our #FashionedfromNature exhibition along with the works of other pioneering designers and innovators committed to making a more responsible fashion system that protects the natural world. #EndPlasticPollution For tickets, link in bio. // Image: H&M Conscious Exclusive dress worn by Natalia Vodianova from recycled plastic bottles © H&M
Today's #MyVAM is by @suzinlondon who took an amazing shot of our garden. Look at the blue sky, zero clouds! Perfect place to spend a hot day, come over and relax by our pool. 🌞🌞 We hope to see you again soon Suzanne! . Do you want to see your photo on our Instagram feed? Use #MyVAM when posting photos from your visit here.
Buoy, it's hot out there! . Dress like you’ve stepped out of the pages of 1920s Vogue with our vintage-inspired Ocean Liners range, just follow the link in our bio.
Tell us which glass vase you would rather have see your spring flowers in. Explore glass artists' greatest achievements by joining our upcoming weekend course. Link bio.
Nude revues avoided censorship in the 1930-40s by having the performers remain stationary, like nude statues which were not morally objectionable. . The #VAPerformanceFestival starts tomorrow - join us to celebrate the abolition of theatre censorship! Link in bio . Image: Costume design for a showgirl by Cordelia Selwood, for a revue at the Windmill Theatre, ca. 1938-39
Take a closer look at fashion and nature’s complex relationship in this seminal exhibition - opening 21 April. Tracing 400 years, discover the true cost of fashion and see pioneering designers and innovators harnessing fashion’s creativity to make a vibrant but more responsible system that respects, protects and celebrates the natural world. #FashionedfromNature Link in bio
Join us this morning on Facebook at 10am for a sneak peek of our new exhibition #FashionedfromNature . We’ll be coming live on Facebook from the press view and speaking to Curator, Edwina Ehrman about her vision for the show, meeting some key innovators, and seeing some of the star garments on display before we open our doors the public this Saturday 21 April. Book now - link in bio . Exhibition supported by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – CELC @wearelinen . Additional support from @gstarraw . Embroidered silk waistcoat, France, 1780-9 Image Vee Speers @vee_speers © V&A
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