Uriah Hall

Keep it pushin

I am so proud of you big sis even when we were kids you would walk around the house with your loud voice and sing and I would get annoyed and keep telling you to shut up LOL but you kept standing up you kept singing I am so proud of you congrats @mekiamachine .. fall 7 times stand up 8!
Life is too short to be anything but happy Walk away from the drama and the people who create it Love the people who treat you right pray for the ones who don’t. falling down is a part of life getting back up is living.
We’re brothers were happy and we’re singing and we’re colored .. geme a high five 👋🏾 #tufalumni
Still kickin it
#TBT Trying to get an interview with my niece 🤣
Just became my child hood superhero #goku 🤣 thanks @ejitattoo I dig it !
What is Mother’s Day..Mother’s Day is every day. To repay my mother The nine months she carries me … I cannot what am I thinking silly me. she’s so strong and bold calm and soft always have a kind smile but please don’t piss her off. The number one woman in my life The inspiration of what I look for in my future wife. You’ve always told me to follow my heart, do what’s best and always be smart A lot to say but more to do everyday is your Day mom I could never repay you.
Good luck to the homie 🤣@kgastelum
We’re always reaching for milestones, racing toward something we think will make us happy. The only way to truly win this race of life is to realize there is no race. Winning is stopping. Going within. finding happiness within yourself... 📷 @natbco
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