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[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Rate this scene on a scale 1-10.
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] soooooo Robin looks like more of a badass than Ben Affleck’s Batman lol. “F*** Batman.” My homie @theblerdvision made a good point in saying it’s very DCEU in tone. I’m kind of liking it. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments
Artwork by SpiderWee. Do you guys like these? Which one is your favorite?
These pins are 🔥 perfect for putting on a backpack or hat. @pinship has the BEST comic pins. Just in time for back to school. 🚨SAVE 15% by using promo code: comic15🚨 just click the link in my bio. Which one is your favorite? I’m really digging these Logan/Wolverine pins.
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] as much as I enjoyed the fighting, I think I enjoyed the dialogue even more between these two. Can’t wait for the rematch!
[follow @marvel.dc.timeline ] Doctor Strange VS Hal Jordan Green Lantern, who wins?
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] maybe this was right before his audition for ‘Friends’ 😂😂😂
[follow @ultraraw26 ] These are BEAUTIFUL! Who do YOU guys want to wield the gauntlet in Avengers 4?
[follow @marvel.dc.timeline ] what’s your preference? Who did it better?
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] @comic_con is gonna be INSANE this weekend!
[follow @iconicavengers ] Which movie did you like her character in the most?
[follow @dcmarvelera ] 😭
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