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Perfect Is Boring is my new crazy, fun easy-to-read book 💛 Buy it 📚 at the link 👇🏽!

Are you a Daddy’s girl? I am. Happy Father’s Day Daddy, love your baby girl TyTy. 💛 (The lady in the back can feel the love)
Daddy’s Girl
What makes you smile? I smile for lots of reasons, but one thing recently that has made me smile is my teaching at Stanford’s Business School @stanfordgsb. The campus is filled with so much inspiration, even this brilliant color-changing art wall. The piece is called Monument To Change As It Changes, and it makes me stop and yes, SMILE every time I see it. It is forever changing, evolves with color, and never is the same today as it was yesterday. Kinda like...YOU. #ProjectBRANDYOU 📷@Keifs
Some places in the world feel unreal, unattainable, so magnificent, you think you could never go there. Same with dreams. You have goals, aspirations, things you wish could happen, but fear they never will. Well, take a look at this place in this photo. It’s heavenly. It’s otherworldly. It’s stupendous. And guess what. I’ve been there. And yes, it’s magical. Dream your wildest dreams. Make them come true with tunnel vision, persistence and countless gut checks. And you’ll be able to go anywhere in this darn world you please. #TyTyAdvice @bambuindah
It really brings so much joy to see YOU enjoying #perfectisboring ! Y’all are really working that hair on the lip pose! It’s available internationally, and as an audio book…yes that’s really ME reading to YOU! #LinkInBio - Pick your favorite part, and post a video reading it. Tag #perfectisboring , and I’ll go show you some love in the comments!
When you chilled with your buddy the other day and realize how much you missed her. Ain’t she purrrrtee? Love u, @juliehenderson32. #CurveModelsRule
Ask me anything before @agt tonight! Put your question in the comments, and I’ll try to answer as many as I can! #AskTyTy
My @agt sister @HeidiKlum is one of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out. She radiates kindness the same way today as she did back when were lil angels runwaying it together! Some people think you can’t be a fierce supermodel if you’re nice, but Heidi is one of the fiercest ladies I know and love so much! 💛
Happy #Pride ! From the day I was born, my mama taught me we are all equal, my black skin is beautiful and that love is love is love is love. Thanks for the lessons and for taking this picture today, Mama. 🌈🖤💛❤️🧡💚💜💙
It’s #BestFriendsDay ! I love that this day is happening today as I share my #Glamping adventure with one of my best friends. Most people think you can only meet your BFFs when you’re younger, but that’s not the case with Marie and I. We met 9 years ago during our time at Harvard Business School’s Owner President Management ( @harvardhbs #OPM42 ) program and had an instant WOMAN BOSS connection. Marie is a kick ass entrepreneur, whip smart, has a genius command of finance and numbers, is laser-focused and determined, and someone I look up to even in friendship. I love her so much, and you know that ain’t a lie if I’m in Montana with her in the middle of nowhere on an ATV four-wheeler! I am beyond thankful for her friendship, leadership, support and every day education she gives me. Tag YOUR “Marie”, your BFF, and let them know you love them!
Yummy Breakfast. And I got you a plate, too. #Glamping
Good morning. Waking up in a tent. #Glamping
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