Calvin Wilson

Dad to @theladygrady & @theguycy ❤️to @timmy2ty. Establishment Casting. @twodadstwokidschowdown

Me getting older....and being chased by a dog. @oldppldoingthings #agingsucks
Happy Birthday to the best mother in the world. Although you’re no longer here with us, we speak of you often and keep you in our hearts always. Love you Mom ❤️♥️
Family Day @thearmoryshow Loads of art (and people) to peruse #thearmoryshow #art #familyday
It’s Friday #friday #daddance #mood
Back home and with my boo @timmy2ty Lucky to wake up to these 4 eyes each morning #myboo #foureyesarebetterthantwo #facemask
To the most important female in my life @gradynyc_ and all of the other kick butt women who continue to inspire me #internationalwomensday #girlsrule #womenrock #femalescandoanything
Repost.....Blowing bubbles bakctage at Marc Jacobs AW18 show in New York! Starring @olivia_anakwe @ariel.nicholson @_dilone @dara._ @kaiagerber @jackiesummers_ @hunterschafer @crispiccone @naomichinwing @hannah_motler @aiden @delilahkoch Film by Robbie Mailer-Howat and Isabella Boreman Makeup by Diane Kendal with Marc Jacobs Beauty Casting by Calvin Wilson and Anita Bitton at Establishment NYC
Two Brits & a Dutchie walk in a show called @miumiu #worklife #miumiufw18 #fashion
About Last Night. Marc Jacobs & Love Magazine Party. Paris 2018. #marcjacobs #lovemagazine #mjbeauty #worklife
This motherf*cker is a real piece of work. You’re a five-time draft dodger so why the hell do you think anyone believes that you would have ran into the school to save lives in the Parkland shooting? You’re a disgrace as a human being. SIT DOWN & STFU
Wayback Wednesday when the shade was real. Paris 2007. Going back again tonight. #waybackwednesday #wbw #paris #2007
Happy Birthday @timmy2ty Each day is better because of you. Hope you enjoyed your day, the gifts, sushi & sake. Love you more than chocolate cake and spaghetti Cx
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