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Put on your #Hawaiianshirt and dig in to #traderjoes #Poke [POH-keh] Bowl… Our smoked #salmon is steeped in soy sauce, sesame oil & red chili flakes—then tossed with pickled vegetables (cucumber, carrot & ginger), along with sweet & green onions—all on a bed of brown rice. #Nori strips, and a blood orange #ponzusauce provide a zesty finishing touch… — | Easy meal | 240 cal w/dressing | 11g protein/bowl | #pokefunatTJs
#Soda doesn’t have to be a four-letter-word (at least in one sense), especially when you’re talking about our new carbonated beverages: One has pressed Rhubarb & fresh-squeezed Strawberries (11% juice), the other contains cold-pressed Lemon juice married to Elderflower essence (6% juice). Both are softly sweet, subtly tart, and perfectly #refreshing when chilled—ideal for a warm #spring day, or perhaps, an April #wedding … — | Sparkling | 70 calories per 8.4 oz. can | #traderjoes
Turn that mundane meeting into a celebration with this #traderjoes Party Cake! It’s two layers of fluffy, vanilla #cake —covered in rich, #vanilla -buttercream #frosting , and plentifully speckled with pastel-colored #confetti sprinkles.* (We’ve left the top clear so you can personalize it with a message, candles, figurines… or even more sprinkles!) — | Serves 8-10 | 1 lb. 5 oz. | In our bakery section | *colors from fruit & vegetable extracts
~ Eeny, Teeny, Tiny, moe Catch our smallish avocado If you’re alone or on-the-go Pick this size from #traderjoes — *perfect size for one slice of #toast , or a personal #salad —with nothing left over to turn brown
Step up to your plates with just a little of this #traderjoes #soap on your sponge, and you’ll find prodigious amounts of serious, grease-cutting, easy-on-your-hands #suds in your sink. Made from 87% renewable, bio-based resources—the crystal-clear liquid (no color added) comes in your choice of two delightfully light, naturally derived fragrances… — | Plant based | Biodegradable | No animal testing | #lesssoapmoresuds #youcleanupniceTJs
Most people think #lasagna when the notion of #Ricotta is raised—but this rich & creamy, slightly grainy #cheese , made from curds-other-half (aka whey), is just as interesting spread on toast as it is layered between noodles; perhaps, even more so. Bonus: per serving, #traderjoes Part Skim Ricotta contains 1.5g less fat and 20 fewer calories than our Whole Milk version. — 📷: on Sliced Brioche Bread (toasted), with Raspberry Preserves—#tjsrecipe link in bio
There are probably as many ways to enjoy #traderjoes thick & creamy, tangy-sweet #specialsauce (named for the famed archipelago between New York & Canada) as there are islands in the St. Lawrence River: ~ • tossed with a garden salad • drizzled on a lettuce wedge • glopped on a burger • spread on a Reuben • spooned on tacos • filling deviled eggs • dressing potato or pasta salad • dipping sauce for shrimp, Fish Nuggets, Chicken Drumellas, Zucchini Fries, Spud Crunchies, Trader Tots, carrot sticks…
It’s getting #Shawarma in here... thanks to these boneless & skinless Chicken Thighs in a flavorful #marinade of onion, garlic, sea salt, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, paprika, #turmeric & parsley. Make this the centerpiece of your Middle East #feast —surrounded by #traderjoes Flatbread or Pita Bread, #Cauliflower Tabbouleh, Tzatziki, Crumbled Feta, Olives... No vertical spit required. — | Grill or Bake | 1.5 lb. package (avg.) | 0g sugar |
Lightly sautéed #traderjoes Shaved Brussels Sprouts & Uncured Applewood Smoked #Bacon , smothered in Shredded Sharp #Cheddar , oozing out between slices of crisp-grilled #Multigrain Bread... Link in bio for #tjsrecipe . — #nationalgrilledcheeseday
There are 27 layers of delicate, buttery dough in these 5-inch-long Croissini—see if you can count them! This cross between a French #croissant & Italian sesame #grissini (breadstick) is irresistible with #traderjoes Raspberry Preserves, and soup-er tasty with our Tomato Feta Soup. — | Real butter | No-proof bake | In our freezers | 📷: with Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip, and Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant & Garlic
#Wine + Peanut butter & jelly? Yes, please! We’ve paired five of our fave #traderjoes wines with spread-based #sandwiches for some seriously delish PB&J-ish dishes. Link in bio for full feature & swipe now for a sneak peek... — 1 Liberté #PinotNoir + Almost Classic PB&J . 2 Rebuttel #Chardonnay + Fruit & Cashew Nut Butter Toast . 3 Velvet Moon #CabernetSauvignon + Peanut Butter Cocoa #Bacon Bagel . 4 Cecilia Beretta #Prosecco Superiore + Griddled Pepper Jelly & Cream Cheese . 5 J.L. Quinson Côtes de Provence #Rosé + Cookie Butter Dessert Sandwich
Step up your breakfast game with these crunchy little ladders... made from a blend of chickpea, corn & rice flours, and lightly sweetened with real maple syrup. — | Gluten free | 5g protein & 3g fiber per cup | #thisrungsforyou #mapleladdermarshmallowtreats
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