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Our Cheese Party Tray includes large rectangular slices of Pepper Jack, Colby Jack, Swiss & Mild #Cheddar —which means your summer party prep just got a little bit easier! And this assortment works well beyond the #cheese platter: Top grilled #burgers —4 options to please everyone. Pair with a variety of #traderjoes breads & deli meats for a super #sandwich bar. Melt all 4 kinds together between two pieces of our Sourdough for the ultimate grilled cheese… — | 7 slices of each | Microbial enzymes | No rBST |
For a good time, pick up some #traderjoes Organic Blueberries. They’re plump & juicy and always up for some clean, flavorful #fun —which should come as no surprise since they’re cultivated using only USDA-approved #organic planting, growing & handling practices. And while you’re planning your next #Blueberry pool party, don’t forget the rest of the organic gang: Organic Corn Flakes, Organic Orange Juice, and Organic Reduced Fat Milk. — Grown in the U.S.A. & Canada #partyonblueberries
Imagine giant tea bags… only instead of tea, they’re filled with 100% #Arabica , medium roast #coffee —grown in #Tanzania at the base of Mt. #Kilimanjaro . Fill a pitcher with 7 cups of cold water, add two #traderjoes #ColdBrew Bags and let it steep 8-12 hours. You’ll get a bright, low-acid, super-smooth brew with lush notes of molasses & berries. — | Single-origin | 4 Bags | Makes 14 cups (8 fl. oz.)| #nowyoucoldbrew
Our supplier scours the stalk market for the finest organic #stoneground blue corn they can find—then skillfully #masa -ges it into #traderjoes Tortilla triangles. Straight out of the bag, they’re crunchy & salty with subtle #bluecorn complexity. Dunked in salsa or #guac , these blue-hued bites hit the Corn Chip heights. — | Organic | Gluten free | 3 ingredients | #weblueit
TJ’s Cake Logic: 1. Every day is someone’s birthday. 2. Birthdays are good days to eat cake. 3. Every day is a good day to eat cake. Let #traderjoes help you reach this logical conclusion with our Chantilly #Vanilla Bean & Dark #Chocolate Ganache Mini Sheet Cakes. These single-layer, rectangular #cakes serve about 6 people and are #buttermilk enriched with a generous layer of rich butter/cream/cream-cheese #icing on top! — #happycakeday
You don’t need a #tiffin carrier to enjoy our new Indian Fare: Tadka #Dal with its yellow #lentils basking in a creamy cumin-curry-chili seasoned sauce, or #Tikka Vegetables with potatoes, peas, carrots & corn wallowing in a rich & spicy tomato/onion sauce enhanced by cashews & cream... All you *really* need is a microwave or pot of boiling water—and less than 5 minutes. Of course, some #traderjoes #Naan & Jasmine Rice would also be nice! — | Vegetarian | Heat in bag & eat | Made in India |
Whether you’re #grilling a summer steak and don’t want to fuss too much with the #vegetable side—or you’re craving #barbecue , but avoiding meat… our Veggie #Kabobs are on the job! Each package contains two wooden #skewers pre-loaded with: whole brown mushrooms, wheels of zucchini & squash, chunks of white onion, and wedges of red-yellow-green bell peppers. Brush them with oil (or with #traderjoes Organic Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette as we’ve done), and away you #grill ! — | Ready to cook | Vegetarian | Just for the summer | #veggiestrategy
#Condenasttraveler dreamed of an #alfresco dinner party and gathered their favorite #traderjoes ingredients to turn that vision into reality… and the *best* part is, they shared all the details—including: Grilled Beef & Pepper #Skewers , Farmer’s Market #Quinoa Salad, and Watermelon #Martinis —via their latest web feature... — Link in bio for article & recipes
We always have freezers full of #icecream … and now just for summer, we also have sturdy, sizeable #Cones shaped for significant scoops! Inspired by an earlier era, these edible, crisscross cups are fashioned from wheat & oat flours, dark brown sugar, and sunflower oil for #waffle -y flavor and a crisp crunch. — | 12 Cones/box | Soggy resistant | Summertime | #considerusconiferous
Calling these Bars “Simply Nutty,” as we have, might be deemed an oversimplification since they also include: #honey , pea protein crisp rice, and a generous amount of Dark #Chocolate to complement the crunchy #Peanuts & #Almonds —but considering the way snackers *go nuts* for the nutrition of these nibbles (namely: 7g fiber & 7g protein in each 1.4-ounce, 200 calorie Bar), you might say we nailed it with the nutty nomenclature. — | Non dairy | No gluten ingredients | 5 Bars/box | #traderjoes
Our OG #Asiago was excellent—but having been made in the States, it wasn’t the Asiago-est it could be. So, we went to the mountains of the Asiago Plateau in northern Italy and found an even more authentic—and equally pleasing #cheese . It’s made from raw cow’s milk, then matured on #spruce boards for a minimum of 5 months to present a fresh & creamy, slightly sweet flavor, with an easy-to-crumble texture nicely suited for grating, shaving, sprinkling & melting… — | Unpasteurized | Aged 5 months | No rBST |
Instead of crescented #croissants , these cures-for-the-breakfast-blahs are square shaped—yet still fashioned from that familiar all-butter dough that bakes up #flaky & golden-brown. All four are topped with delicious Swiss #cheese and ham that’s free of added nitrates or nitrites. Best of all, they go from freezer to oven to table in less than 30 minutes! — | Uncured ham | No proofing | 8g protein/square | #traderjoes
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