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Do you want to know the FASTEST way to completely and radically change your life? . It’s actually very simple... . Trade your EXPECTATIONS for APPRECIATION and the whole game changes in a moment. . What an incredible feeling to be back in Chicago where 9,000 people from 61 countries have gathered together to STEP UP and BREAK THROUGH to the HIGHEST TRUTH. 👊🏼💯🔥 . We’re truly blessed to live in an abundant world where so many of our desires are met instantaneously with just the touch of a button, the click of a mouse, or the swipe of our thumb. The crazy thing is that most of us believe THAT is what brings happiness. But what we’re really experiencing when we focus on what we GET is the ILLUSION of happiness. It’s a dopamine hit, not lasting fulfillment. And success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. . We're living in a CULTURE of EXPECTATION where the focus is on ourselves and our own needs, so, when our desires and expectations aren’t met, we feel loss, lack, fear, frustration, anger, rejection—all unresourceful states of suffering. . The TRUTH is, what makes us TRULY happy in life is NOT what we GET, but what we GIVE. . Here's a little exercise you can do right now... Just think of something you’re grateful for. ANYTHING, big or small, that you could choose to APPRECIATE in THIS moment, right now. . When we make the choice to focus on appreciation—on growing, giving, connecting to others, contributing beyond ourselves, a life of service and LOVE—we’re making the CONSCIOUS DECISION to be our best self and live in a beautiful, resourceful, connected, high-energy state. . THIS is THE MOST important decision of your life. For the rest of the weekend here in Chicago, we’ll be going deep and discovering how we can GROW so we have more to show-up and GIVE in every moment of life. EVEN when it's not going our way. . While we’re here in Chicago, we’ve provided 1 MILLION meals to a local food bank in the city to support the community. If you feel called to step up and lend a hand, @feedingamerica is a great place to start. . #TonyRobbinsUPW #StepUp #Decide . 📸: @zungninjaphotographer
The calm #before the perfect storm. . Are you ready to step-up? Less than 48 hours until #UPWchicago ! 😎 🔥🙌 🚀 @unitedcenter . #tonyrobbinsupw #unitedcenter #chicago
⚠️ WE NEED YOUR HELP ‼️ Human trafficking is a subject that no one wants talk about. It is truly the darkest part of humanity and a crime so heinous that most people avoid even THINKING about it but the fact remains: Something MUST be DONE to STOP IT. . Every 30 seconds, a CHILD is enslaved for reasons beyond most people’s comprehension — for sex, for labor, for organ harvesting. It’s unconscionable. It's also the FASTEST growing criminal enterprise in the U.S. — a $32 Billion industry… and the world doesn’t even know it. Quite frankly, our brains don’t want to believe it. It’s time to #StepUp and take ACTION. Here’s how … . I am incredibly inspired and grateful for the work being done by my partners at Operation Underground Railroad (@OURrescue ). This extraordinary organization is made up of former C.I.A., FBI, and SEAL Team Six members who free children around the world from horrific conditions and capture their perpetrators. But O.U.R. agents ALSO teach local authorities how to capture perpetrators themselves using the most advanced special forces' techniques. . Since partnering with OUR, we’ve personally participated, along with our community, in efforts to free over 1,200 girls and boys from enslavement. But there’s much more work to be done. People have asked how they can help — it’s easy — CLICK THE LINK in my bio to learn more. . OUR has created a documentary titled, “Operation Toussaint” to spread the word and bring awareness. It’s a film that follows the journey of former government agent @timballard89 , who left everything he’d built to rescue kids and shed light in the darkest corners of the world. This documentary will open your eyes. . Please watch the video screening and SHARE THE LINK EVERYWHERE you can. Let’s use this platform to make a difference! Share the link and help save innocent children. This organization is truly making a difference! . #EndHumanTrafficking #OURrescue #SaveALife #Leadership #OURfilm #OperationToussaint
Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸🎆 Grateful for a fun day spent with my tribe. ❤️ . Just a couple more days of R&R, then we’re off to Chicago for Unleash the Power Within! Will I see you there? . #fourthofjuly
Enjoying a moment in the gorgeous sunshine with my Sage before the thunderstorms roll in! ⛈
When it comes to investments — stocks, bonds, 401Ks, funds, etc. — most people freeze as the fear and intimidation creep in. That's understandable! The financial world and all its jargon seems so overwhelmingly complex. And you can’t make smart #financial decisions if you’re full of fear. The truth is, any decision made from a place of fear will never be the best decision. . That’s why there is so much pain and avoidance in this area. Because COMPLEXITY IS THE ENEMY OF EXECUTION. As a result, most people stay on the sidelines and out of the markets and miss out on their retirement returns. Many folks who actually DO INVEST are fearful or frankly, completely in the dark, about whether their money is in the best kind of account and HOW MUCH they’re being charged in FEES. What most often ends up happening is people just don’t know where to START. . This is why I wrote UNSHAKEABLE. I wanted to help eliminate the fear & suffering in the area of people’s finances. In writing that book, I got to do what I’ve always loved doing—take a complex subject that seems too complicated and break it down into a few core principles that people like you and I can actually utilize and put into action. That’s why the masters’ strategies in that book can truly TRANSFORM people’s lives and accelerate the path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. . So here’s just a thought I’d like to offer you today…  When it comes to investing, Warren Buffet — the most celebrated investor ever to walk the EARTH — and I both agree that index funds are a great place to START. Index funds are simple. They are designed to match the returns of the market. (And unless you’re a unicorn like Warren or @raydalio , you’re better off capturing that market return instead of trying—and almost CERTAINLY failing—to beat OR time the market.) Index funds are almost entirely on autopilot: they make very few trades so their transaction costs are low and they also save on corrosive fees to active managers which will saves you significantly in the long-run. . Click the link in my bio to learn more about index funds and why Warren Buffett and I both stand by them. 👊🏼#buyandhold #warrenbuffet #investing
Do you have an idea that could truly change the WORLD and make a positive impact on BILLIONS of people’s lives? 🌍 For the first time EVER, @xprize is inviting the world to participate in Visioneering and design a prize that will that solve humanity’s BIGGEST challenges. . I would LOVE your help in designing an #XPRIZE focused on finding ways to #FeedTheNextBillion in a sustainable way. 🌾 My foundation, @thetonyrobbinsfoundation , is honored to co-sponsor one of the Visioneering Grand Challenges, and we need YOUR ideas, imagination, and creative solutions to make this dream a reality! . If you’re interested in learning more, join my dear friend, XPRIZE CEO @peterhdiamandis , for an exclusive 1-hour Prize Design Masterclass happening Friday, June 29 at 12:30 ET/9:30 AM PT. Click the link in my bio to sign up! . Looking forward to hearing all of your ideas!! 🙏🏼❤️👊🏼
Anyone who watched the Super Bowl this year or followed the @philadelphiaeagles on their historic run to win the Super Bowl for the FIRST TIME in HISTORY knows that @nickfoles led the team to an ASTOUNDING victory — winning MVP honors, defying the odds, and shocking the world. All of this after becoming the Eagles starting quarterback in WEEK 14 of the season! Many fans and commentators assumed that the Eagles season was over… but Nick proved them all wrong. 🏈🏆 . Nick has become a dear friend — I am humbled and inspired by his tremendous journey to beating the odds and rising to the top with hard work, passion, and commitment. 👊🏼💪💥 I recently had a chance to interview him and uncover some of the powerful beliefs that have driven him to succeed where so many others have failed. Not everyone knows this, but Nick was on the verge of RETIRING two seasons earlier! His new book, BELIEVE IT, just came out today. ✨📖 In it, he shares how he overcame obstacles that threatened to hold him back, and rediscovered his love of the game which helped him stay optimistic and rally the team to a historic and extraordinary WIN! Click the link in my bio to learn more about Nick’s story. . Congratulations on the release of your fascinating and inspiring new book, Nick! Your story will certainly light the way for countless others on their path to success. . #believeit #nickfoles
Four years ago at Date With Destiny in Florida, a young woman named Dawn Watson courageously stood up & shared her story for the first time — it was a story of unimaginable pain & horrific child abuse. She was raised in Brazil as a member of The Children of God cult, & made to do unconscionable things that most people couldn’t even imagine. If you’ve seen the @netflix documentary, I AM NOT YOUR GURU, there’s no doubt that Dawn’s story is one you won’t forget. . This week at #BusinessMastery I had the privilege of spending time with this beautiful soul once again. I’m excited to share with you that in the 4 years since we met & worked together at DWD, Dawn has completely reclaimed her POWER, found her voice, changed the course of her life, became a force for good, & the inspiration for TRANSFORMATION for so many people around the world. She is now certified by the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention & helps people find FREEDOM from their greatest pain, allowing them to finally DISCOVER & LIVE their greatest TRUTH. . Dawn also wrote her first book & founded an organization: The Instituto Dawn Watson - Break the Silence, Heal the Pain, which helps victims of abuse & trafficking rebuild their identities. Dawn — you are truly a miracle. I am privileged to know you & I’m so grateful for the work you are doing to serve others in transforming pain into personal power. . As many of you know, I am passionate about ending human suffering. Two of the organizations I support & work closely with are @ourrescue & @freeagirl. Both are on a mission to SAVE LIVES & end child trafficking & prostitution. In the past 2 years with OUR, we’ve personally participated in saving over 1,200 girls’ lives. Free A Girl has freed & saved the lives of over 4,000 girls. Both also work to prosecute traffickers & put an END to this heinous crime. I’m so touched by the generosity of this group of 2,000 entrepreneurs from 68 countries — together they raised $100K to help free these enslaved children & I matched them with an additional $100K. Together we will partner in saving 80 kids’ lives! . If you’d like to join us in helping: & . 📸: @millakuhto
If I were to ask you what your X-Factor is, what would you tell me? What makes you UNIQUE? Why should I do business with you? What do YOU have to offer that others in your space can’t, don’t, or won’t do? How do YOU add massive value to people unlike anyone else? Would you be able to answer me with certainty & congruency? . When you’re a business owner, knowing and leveraging your X-Factor is CRITICAL for success. But how can you take advantage of something and use it to SERVE others when YOU don’t even know what it is? 🤔 . This week in the Netherlands, 2,000 business owners and #entrepreneurs from around the globe are here for our advanced #BusinessMastery program—it’s a powerful 6-day bootcamp designed to help business owners TRANSFORM their business and achieve EXPONENTIAL GROWTH … but the truth is, it will also change their lives! 💥📈 I love the diversity, especially in these European events! We have 68 countries represented in this classroom and we're translating 7 different languages! What a miraculous microcosm! . Most people’s IDENTITY is tied to their business. Many people spend more time at work than with the ones they love most. That’s why it’s so important to work SMARTER. The promise of this program is no less than $1M in value to your business, but the real purpose is to walk away from this week reignited, with a greater sense of service and mission. . So what is the MEANING of your MISSION? And what’s your X-Factor? . Tap the link in my bio and check out the 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you identify your competitive edge. ☝🏼🔗 . 📸: @millakuhto
Hello there, it’s Sage again... Sending love & appreciation and a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of our brothers on path whose presence, wisdom, and love bless our lives, hearts, and homes. Thank you for your mighty hearts, your gentle strength, and all the kind and simple gifts you share in service to all those you love. . Dad -- thank you for being the man that you are and have always been for our family, I’m in awe that God picked “you” as our father. I love you, thank you for it all. . Tone -- it is nothing but a privilege to walk this path of life alongside you. Thank you for the miracle of your presence in my life, I cherish every single moment we share together. They are all precious, I love you. . To all the men as brothers on this path who share their hearts and love with us all #HAPPYFATHERSDAY . Thank you for being our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, dear friends, and life partners, it’s a gift to share this world with you. . A special thanks to these dear ones: Daddy, @tonyrobbins , Scotty. @billybeck3 , Bradley, @masterco_org , James, @jayturbay , Mikee. Marcus, Josh & @jairekrobbins. Yogesh, Sam & Tad. Father Brad, Steve & Jim. And Peter G, Paul T, @raydalio , & Marc B.
During live events, tests show that I burn 11,300 calories/DAY which is the equivalent of running 2 ½ marathons BACK TO BACK at a sprint-walk pace! In addition, I jumped over 1,000x which is the equivalent of 2 NBA games back to back PLUS took on a staggering 1 MILLION pounds of force on my body. I recently shared the daily routine I use to prepare my body for this type of MASSIVE physical impact with @incmagazine — click the link in my bio to read the article which captures the core of what we’ve done to be able to record these seemingly impossible results. . What the article doesn’t mention is that @TheMusclePhd and his team over at @theaspi — who do research on Olympic and pro athletes — did a study on my body during events. They compiled a report that charted the numbers and the last part of it said that a “normal person would be hospitalized” after putting their body through what mine does in ONE event! LOL . Two years ago, I was diagnosed with mercury toxicity. Much of the diet regimen you’ll read about actually came about because I had to figure out what to do to deal with and detoxify from OFF THE CHARTS mercury poisoning. I removed ALL fish from my diet. Prior to the diagnosis, all I ate was salad and fish. And the two fish I ate everyday was swordfish and tuna — these 2 fish have 1,000x MORE mercury than most other types of fish! Now I’ll eat eggs for breakfast and a serving of organic, kosher, free range protein. I also had a DNA test conducted which revealed that I don’t methylate, meaning my body cannot break down mercury. A normal level of mercury in the system ranges from 1-9ng/mL. I measured in at 123 which is life-threatening. Sticking to my new regimen, I’ve made incredible progress getting it out of my system AND it gives me the energy to give EVERYTHING I’ve got at each of the 50+ LIVE events I do every year as well as the fun activities I enjoy like playing squash, paddle tennis, skiing, scuba diving, golf...the list goes on! . Special thanks to the countless individuals who have worked with me over the years to support my quest to achieve a peak physical state so that I can continue my work and my mission to serve others on a daily basis.🙏
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