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@makuarothman ’s wave at backdoor the other morning was so nuts. Wish I was about 5 ft closer to shore on this one.. // @freesurfmag @spl_waterhousing
My πŸ–€
Congrats to @zekelau for taking out some seriously tough competition at the #hicpro @cocom4debarrelkilla @jackrobinson_official @tannerhendrickson_ @cody_young_ @hicsurf @vans @freesurfmag
@ian.walsh #winning the @wsl #peahichallenge Was epic to watch everyone charge // @freesurfmag @hawaiicamera #600mm
#Peahi right now. #iPhone #pano
A few of my favs from the @turtlebayresort Jr pro and woman’s QS. Always a pleasure to work with @WSL ! Congratsto the winners @oceanmacedo @summer_macedo and @vahinefierro // @freesurfmag @spl_waterhousing
@whoisjob #pipe . New issue of @freesurfmag in stores now.
Happy Trails 🀠 @torreymeister #blackandwhite @freesurfmag
I have too many good photos of @olaeleogram from our trip to #rote . His backhand was on point from #tland to the ping pong table πŸ“ // @freesurfmag @spl_waterhousing @waterwaystravel @nbr_surfing
@zekelau πŸš€ ..current issue of @freesurfmag / @spl_waterhousing
@foster1015 from the 'spotcheck' feature in the current issue of @freesurfmag
@joshmoniz opening spread of the town issue of @freesurfmag in stores now. There's no place like town and I love the challenge of shooting there, even with all its hectic busyness, traffic and hard to access spots. There are so many untapped zones on the south side, that unlike the northshore have not been shot from every angle possible. But I gotta give @rocktyler credit for first finding this super unique angle of #kewalos , definitely one of my favorite waves to shoot.
What the hell was I thinking? πŸ“Έ:@photokeoki
I β™₯️ this cover! @keliamoniz you rule! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Thanks for making it happen! // Short story long...This summer has been soo surf starved and we desperately needed a cover for our annual "Town Issue". It was down to the final deadline, and I had nothing I felt would fit on page 1. I saw a bump in swell and the first person I thought of to shoot with was Kelia. When you need a cover, call a cover girl ; ) Lucky for me she was in town for the birth of her brother @micahmoniz ' daughter. So "Auntie Sis" and I met up the next morning in Waikiki. I actually had my daughter Zaiha with me, so I borrowed a board from the Moniz' surf school, @faithsurfschool , put my daughter and camera on the front of the board and paddled out to a crowd infested Canoes. Sis didn't know we needed a cover shot, but it didn't matter, all it took was 5 minutes. This was shot on her first wave. It was also the only photo I took that didn't have a ton of people in it. We shot for maybe 30 min before the chaos of Waikiki along with my daughter's protests halted our session. We ended with Kelia and my daughter catching a wave tandem, almost all the way to shore. Definitely a magical morning in Waiks ✨
It's hard to call @elihanneman a grom. He's 14 but carries himself like a man and surfs like one too. If u haven't seen his latest edit yet, you should. Link in his bio. //@freesurfmag
Winter is coming @tylernewts // @freesurfmag
@finn_mcgill caught speeding // @freesurfmag @billabong
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