Tom Holland

〰️I MET TOM 5/26/18 ™My Accounts @xa.amour ¬ You Butter My Quackson @tomholland2013 ¬

The results are in!! Thank you to everyone who participated. We got over 30+ entries which is more than we thought we would get. Everyone was so talented! Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it in, you are still a talented editor. Someone will dm you all of the information you’ll need.Congratulations to the following people: @lodgevids @voidhclms @ruinparker @spideymulti @rvseful @h.ollandd @atroc.xs @spiritmulti @pvrker.aep @parkrrsquill @avfait @astrology.mp4 @s.tvcky @st.rxnge
THIS IS A JOKE I PROMISE. (deleting later bc this is the biggest scrap of my life) - @quackingttom @spaghettiholland - This is for our editing war 👆 - No using hashtags bc idk what to even put on this
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