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God is a Woman 🦄 CAPTION THIS! photo: @jonsams Hair: @sadiddygirlbeauty Costume: @georgetroester make-up: @missfamenyc #unicorn
Name her. 💋
Good Morning ☀️🥞🐥🌻💛 comment your favorite yellow emoji
Follow @braybraynoob ! And comment below when you do! I LOVE THIS MAN from the bottom of my heart. A lot of you were asking who the sexy daddy dancer was from the #forbiddentour but I never got around to posting. Brayden, you are one of my favorite people to exist on the planet, the most considerate, self aware, honest, witty, talented, humble, team player I have ever not only had the privilege of working with, but to also call my friend. I will take you everywhere I go as long as you’ll have me lol. (Not sure if that made ANY sense, but you get the point) Follow him, blow him up cuz he’s my favorite human being on the planet. LOVE YOU MISS NEWBISHA! @braybraynoob @braybraynoob @braybraynoob (I’m saying that in my @rupaulofficial “Cameroon” voice) bahahaha
So proud of my bestie @chesterlockhart on his first solo performance. He absolutely crushed it. Love you booger.
Happy 2nd Birthday “Straight Outta Oz!” What was your favorite song on the album?
Tryin’ to stay chill, but excited for Pride tonight in Minneapolis and tomorrow night in Houston. 🏳️‍🌈
THAT’S A WRAP! Thanks to all of you who came out to support the #forbiddentour & thank you to my amazingly gifted cast and crew. Until next time.
BRISBANE! Tonight I need you to be as turnt as @kristinaleb was when she filmed this video!!! #offbook #swinglife #warmedup #stretched #ready
So thrilled to finally announce that I’ve booked the role of Dorothy!!! 👠 Yay for gender-blind casting! #progress THIS IS A JOKE KIDS 🐨
Just woke up to the news that my sweet Aunt Charles grew her angel wings this morning. Please keep my family in your prayers, this is our third death in less in a month. Please tell the people that you love just how much they mean to you because you never know when your last opportunity may be. We are a tough strong family and we will make it through this. Aunt Wyetha, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Charles, I hope you’re having a good old time in heaven, and may you all Rest In Peace.
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