View post regarding HOW TO ORDER. All prices listed are for unassembled kits just check out the photos. #tjackfx

Set of Miles webshooters ready to ship! Cold cast rubber (gives a metallic look to them). $80 usd plus shipping. Why not pick up a set of frames/lenses and a shell to go with them 😉 See the how to order post if you want em
Starlord Blasters! Solid resin kit for sale. This is a B cast so there are some minor air bubbles to fill. Great weight to these 👍 Only this one kit available at this price - $60 usd plus shipping!!! See the how to order post if you want them. #starlord #starlordcosplay #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
They’re here! Get your Deadpool “National Foot to Balls League” coin while they last! Very limited quantities of these. See the “how to order” post to get yours. $25 USD/coin including standard shipping. #deadpool #deadpool2 #mercwithamouth #superbowl52 #marvel
Is it Saturday now??? This is the big announcement! A permanent drop in the cost of all my faceshells, yes all of them. Now only $40 plus shipping! And of course this means that all kit prices will be $20 less. If you haven’t looked at the photos of everything I offer - do so now. I will be updating the pricing to reflect this new change!!! Remember check out the How to Order post since I don’t take orders through IG. #spiderman #cosplay #costume #mask #faceshell #quality #cheap
This weekend? What’s gonna happen?!? Don’t miss out on this announcement!
Something new is coming soon! Thanks to @marvelouscreationsstudios - file is almost ready!!!! #ironspider #ironspidercosplay #ironspiderman #infinitywar #spiderman #webshooters
Miles Morales! Choose rubber or plastic webshooters - $80 usd plus shipping for a pair. You trim the strap to fit. Frames/lenses still only $35 usd. See the “how to order” post. Modelled by @maffhewdc #milesmorales #spiderverse #webshooters #spiderman
I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry for the business card challenge. At this time I haven’t chosen any of the cards/logos but as a thank you I want to give everyone who entered a free set of frames with standard lenses (mcu mesh). These frames can be selected from the photos posted. As I’m away until June 4, once I’m back I’ll follow up with each person who submitted via email. Please stand by until I contact you. Thank you all again.
Teen Titans Red X mask now available. Cast in resin (smooth cast 300). Just $100 plus shipping for a raw cast. #redx #teentitans #robin #dc
@the_amazing_spider_lab is going to be including my Homecoming webshooters with his suits - fully assembled! Contact him for details 👍Excited to be joining him.
NEW PRICE!!!! Anyone interested in a Big Time Spidey set? I only have this 1 available and I'll delete the post when it's sold. *they are not fog free and don't glow in the dark* $100 usd INCLUDING shipping. See the post about how to order. #bigtimespiderman
Got a Spider-boy or a Spider-girl at home? New KID sized faceshells available! Measurements are... Small 5-3/8” width 8-3/4” length tested on a 21” head circumference. Medium 5-5/8” width 9-1/2” length tested on a 21.5” circumference $40 USD plus shipping
Forgot to post these! MJ frames from the Renew your Vows storyline. These are cast in resin, available in rubber as well. $35usd shipped anywhere in North America #spiderman #cosplay #maryjane #comics #mask #renewyourvows
Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Agent Coulson challenge coins. Front and back seen in photo. $25 each including regular shipping worldwide or get all 4 for $80. Limited quantities! #avengers #blackwidow #hawkeye #nickfury #coulson #infinitywar
Another set of Blackcat frames! cast in 40 shore rubber, or resin if you choose. These are smaller than the first ones I did. $40usd shipped. #spiderman #teamup #blackcat #frames #cosplay
Figured I’d refresh the How to Order directions and try and make it easier to find.
Doing Spider Gwen but the black from the shell is visible? Now available, any shell I make now made in white as well as the regular black. Just specify when ordering. Seen here with a custom fogless/frameless unpainted lens. Shells are still $40 USD plus shipping.
Sorry for the delay! The winner of the first Tjackfx raffle is........ . . . . . . @visionarts Congrats! Send me an email to claim your prize. As a thank you to all those who entered - if you decide you'd like to make a purchase between now and February 10/18 by 11:59pm MST, you can take 10% off your order.
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