Tim Rodriguez

Vlogger. Houston. @tarmybrand. Jed North Athlete. @mvmt discount code “TRFITNESS15”. Watch my newest video:

link in bio 🎥: @itsalexjohnson 💉: @henrywho_ #WhenWilliStop
thinking about food like
mood af
No one is you and that is your power.
does this shirt make me look extra? glasses/watch: @mvmt Discount: TRFITNESS15 #InstaModelsBeLike
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I come alive in the nighttime on some bruce wayne shiz 🦇 Really excited for the things that have been happening lately, even more so excited for the upcoming things planned. I am a firm believer that if you want something go get it, simple as that. However keep in mind.. if it were easy everyone would do it. @jed_north @tarmybrand #Moves
Probs the worst #fortnite players ever 🎮 #VideoDroppingSoon #MakeSureYouAreSubbed #linkinbio
crazy, but i love her, i could never run from her
when she says she only dates thugs @shawleycoker
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