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Panamanian Angeleno | Brooklynite Creative Director @ESSENCE ❤️ Dynamite 🐶 | HU (x2)

😀OMG!... Look what’s just came in the mail! #ChildrenOfBloodBone sent via @tadeyemibooks herself! (Who’s energy and spirit is awesome by the way) THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏾 Can’t wait to get started. Suddenly, I’m wishing my work commute was longer. 🚂 📖 🕑 Well kinda😉 #nospoilersplease #midsummerread
Super talented. Super sweet. All around dope person. And the best damn Art Assistant anyone could ever ask for! @tierrajtaylor you will be missed!😔 Wishing you all the best at your new gig! 🙌🏾
❤️ These two! 😍
Always wanted a house with a huge staircase....
Just can’t get enough of those balconies
Chartres & Esplanade
BMike is not only the artist behind @studio_be_ he’s also an awesome tour guide. If you’re lucky enough to catch him, he’ll walk you through every piece giving you the history and backstory to a few one on one conversation he’s had with the subjects or their families.
@studio_be_ A must see if you ever find yourself in #NOLA #StudioBe
Hello yellow!
I’m on S3 E8 trying to catch up before tomorrow’s premiere. It’s going to be a long night!💪🏾👀📺
Yesterday was “Take Dynamite to Work Day” and we found this super cool spray painted elevator in on one of the buildings. Looks like we are inside a video game, but what would we call it? 📸 @kaliflower1 #industrycity #neon #arcade #freightelevator
#Repost @solaimanfazel ・・・ Some Raw footage from the #Essence magazine photoshoot for you guys. Big thanks to the dream team! Amazing photography by @warwicksaint . Don’t forget to grab the magazine on stands and catch Janet at Essence Fest!! #janetjackson #essencefest
📣NEW COVER ALERT! The amazing @janetjackson graces @essence July/Aug double issue. Shout out to the team: 📷 @warwicksaint 📞 @traceysees 📹 @solaimanfazel @missjulee @mepaulamarie @robertbehar @janetzeitoun @prestonmakeup ESSENCE’s July/August issue on newsstands 6/22 #Essence #JanetJackson
That time I got to know my colleagues just a little bit better... #latepost #colorcomm #tbt
Monday Morning Blues...
📣NEW COVER ALERT! WARNING Proceed with caution. @michaelbjordan is smokin’ hot & his flames will consume you. Luckily, Michael Bae doubles as a fireman in his spare time. Have you seen those #Fahrenheit451 trailers?! Read all about it in our June issue. On stands 5/25. #IssaEssenceSlay 🔥🔥🔥With a special shout out to the team!:: 📷 @michaelrowephoto 👕 @mrdoorsee @missjulee @jazminnbrooks ☎️ @traceysees @corimurray / @bbotting
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